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January 25,2023


January 25,2023

Things are changing. What was behind you is seemingly no longer there. You walk in your path knowing that you are always going in the right direction and are always where you are meant to be. Trust and have faith. ✨🙏 All you need to do is Focus on where you are right now. You don’t always have to shine brightly ☀️ and you won’t always shine brightly 🕯️. Even a dimmer light is light. Let the light ☀️cast shadows knowing that your angels 👼 are always with you to guide you and protect you. The shadows cannot hurt you unless you allow them to. You have the ability to cast them away at your will. Tune yourself to the right channel and Focus on that right now. If your radio is tuned to hard rock you won’t hear classical or Christian music 🎶 however you have the power to change the channel. If you Ficus in the negative yiu will attract negative. If you Focus on the positive you attract positive. Spirit ✨ asks you to Focus on the positive. There may be a lot of shadows however Focus on the light ✨. When you are in shadows or the darkness shine your light. Light ✨and love 💜 are your magical 🙏🔮 powers. Focus on them. Trust that Spirit ✨ has a plan and stay on your path. Listen to your heart 💚💜 and let the light ✨ be your guide.

“May the long time sun ☀️ shine upon you, all love 💜 💚surround you. And the pure light ✨ within guide your way on” Irish Blessing ☘️ 🙏


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