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January 26,2023


January 26,2023

What lies ahead is a Mystery as we are venturing further in to unknown territory. A territory where there are infinite possibilities. A territory that allows you to create and design who you are and what you want for the future with an option to make changes as needed. A Mystery is something that may be unknown or unseen. Right now there is seemingly a lot that is unknown and that can be disconcerting. Trust that the unseen realms, Spirit✨, your angels 😇 and guides, the Ascended Masters ⭐️ etc., are walking with you. As you continue to Focus on the path ahead do so with Joy 🤩 and anticipation as to what you are creating. You are creating new opportunities however you are also taking old ideas, thoughts and beliefs and re-creating them into something better (Birth-Rebirth). The important part to remember as you take each step is to do so with Joy 🤩 in your heart 💚. Keep positive. Even if you may feel stuck and feel there is no way around know that you only have to shift your gaze to see another perspective. Find Joy 🤩 knowing that whatever is presented to you or whatever synchronicities may occur that they do so for your higher learning. Find Joy 🤩 in learning something new. Joy 🤩 is an emotion that carries a higher vibration. This has a positive effect on you physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually and also on those around you. Find something you enJoy. That could be doing something, being with someone or experiencing something and tune in to your body, mind and soul and see how you feel. Just an added note that Joy 🤩 can be addictive and infectious. How amazing would that be? Part of the great Mystery is that we have the ability to change the vibrations in and around us and also in the collective energy. The simple act of being in Joy 🤩 wherever you may be and allowing the Mystery to unfold has amazing potentials. What a wonderful world that would be! What will you do each and every day to find Joy 🤩 in the Mystery of life? What brings you Joy? What used to bring you Joy? What would you like to do that you feel would bring you Joy? Write these down, unedited, and then choose something each day. “Change your thoughts, change your life. “ Dr. Wayne Dyer


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