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January 29,2022


January 29,2022

As you make the decision to take a Risk and step out of your comfort zone Spirit wants you to know that you will be guided along the way. Continue to focus on the light ahead knowing there are better things to come. Yes there may be memories, thoughts, beliefs lurking in the shadows along the way however they will present themselves for you to acknowledge them, heal them and let them go because you no longer need to hang on to them anymore. Take a breathing break if you need it. Stop and ask Spirit for a sign to guide you. Ask Spirit what is your next right step. This is the time to take flight and take a Risk otherwise things will stay the same and that in itself will cause other issues and concerns. You are loved. You are guided and you do have the courage to step out into this new adventure. Trust and have faith. Remember to have fun along the way and find those moments of joy even if they are brief. You are not alone. Spirit is with you and the others are stepping out as well. Change is a Risk however Spirit wants you to know it is a Risk worth taking. Trust your intuition.


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