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January 3,2022


January 3,2022

Fear is prominent right now. There are many uncertainties and conflicting stories that it makes it difficult at times to know what to do. Fear can be paralyzing and it interferes with your minds ability to collect data and put it all together to make sense of it. Fear interferes with the thinking process. The first step, no matter what is happening to you, is to acknowledge the Fear. It’s okay to be afraid as that is a survival instinct however living in Fear for long term is unhealthy (physically,mentally and emotionally). Fear, and the fight, flight, freeze response, are for short term use only. Acknowledging your Fear is like shining a light into the darkness. It helps you to see, perhaps only small bits at a time. That’s okay as everyone has to go at their own pace. If you are one who wants to just turn on the big stadium lights and flood the area with brightness then go for it however please do not judge others who require a different way. Once you have acknowledged the Fear then commit to taking one step at a time to get through it. This is where your intuition and your angels 👼 can be very helpful. With each step a little bit of Fear is dispelled and your mind begins to be able to think and rationalize again. Each step is a victory. In order to get to where you want to go you must take the first step and be committed to yourself. Each step brings a different view and perspective. Each step decreases the Fear as it builds confidence. “If God brings you to it He will bring you through it” however you must also do your part. Your part is to take a deep breath and say no to Fear. Dare to take that first step and be determined to set yourself free. Fear is like chains ⛓ holding you back and keeps you from moving. Things will only stay the same if you choose to stay where you are. You have the courage to step forward, the power to change and the support from the Universe. What will you choose? What would you do if you weren’t afraid? Now is the time to break free of the chains ⛓ of Fear. The longer you wait the harder it becomes. The intention to break free and take just one step, even a baby step, is all that is needed to begin. Take charge of your life. Be the light and inspiration for others. Let the light of Spirit, your angels 👼 and the light within you guide your way on. Love 💜, light ✨and blessings🙏.


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