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January 30,2022


January 30,2022

I was guided to draw the “Keepers of the Light” card for February today. Given the anchor card for this week it is fitting that Kali-Ma be our guiding force. When we face Death/change we go into fear. Fear creates anxiety, diminishes the immune system and clouds your thinking. Fear puts you into a stress response. The stress response is necessary to get you out of danger but is not healthy long term. It is time to turn around and face your fears. When you shine light into the darkness, the darkness dissipates and you can see clearly. Often you realize there really was nothing to fear however your imagination was taking you on a wild ride. This month, with emphasis on this week, is your chance to face your fears and shine light in them to release you from the darkness. Connect with Spirit/Source/God or whatever you call the higher energy/power and ask for help to raise your awareness, give you strength and courage, and shine your light so that you may see. Listen to your heart ♥️. Your soul will guide you as it is of Divine essence. Find time each day to connect with yourself and Spirit. Death brings in the unknown which is one reason we fear Death. Remember you are not alone and with Spirit anything is possible. You may feel empty when the fear is gone as you are used to it taking up space. This is a perfect time to fill that space with love 💜and light ✨and dispel the darkness.

Stand in your light. Stand in your power. “I am the light. I am the love. I am the truth. I am. “

May the Force be with you 🗡✨.


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