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January 31,2022


January 31,2022

As we close this month and begin into February where there will be many shifts, changes and a lot of illusions being revealed, it is important now to bow down and give thanks to Spirit for getting you, and all of us, this far. Shifting and changing requires faith. Things may not be as they seem and a lot of things you believed in may not longer be true. This can even add further to the overwhelm that so many are feeling. More than ever it is time to surrender and trust in the higher power that sees the whole picture, who loves us dearly and who will guide us through the next phase of our enlightenment. Take time daily to connect with Spirit. Take time daily to connect with yourself and do something that brings you joy 🤩 and makes you sparkle ❇️. This is your time to heal and find your true self within. Your true self that is if Divine essence. Your true self that will lead you where you need to go. You are not alone. Spirit is with you always and your angels 👼 walk with you too. Accept the light and grace of Spirit. Open your heart ♥️ to His love. Shine your light. Be the light. Sharing is caring. 💜 Believe in yourself 🦄. Believe in the magic 🔮.


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