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January 31,2023


January 31,2023

Take control over your Fear. As a leader you may at times need to acknowledge the Fear but go forward anyway. It can be scary to climb to the top of the mountain and there may be moments of Fear along the way however you will not get to the top if you allow Fear to paralyze you. Being a leader or taking control of your life means having to do difficult things at times. It may require you to get through some tough areas however, by doing this, and facing your Fear straight on you can take pride in your accomplishments. Even if you haven’t gotten to where you want to go yet you have still gotten further than you were. Take pride in that. “Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end.” (John Lennon)

By taking control of your own life you also set an example for others. As a leader you help others to be the best they can be and you bring out their strengths so others can thrive as well. There will always be new opportunities or situations that present themselves and the unknown can bring forth Fear. As you stand tall and face your Fear you can see from a higher perspective and therefore begin to see solutions and a way through. An essential part of overcoming Fear is to remain grounded. That calm and centred place where you can think clearly and see from a different viewpoint. A viewpoint that is without judgement and one that is connected to Spirit , universal law and love. The Stag 🦌 is powerful, wise and respected and the ability to lead comes from the connection with Spirit ✨. The Stag 🦌 knows that the ability to take control over one’s own life is within. The wisdom is within. The strength is within. The Stag’s 🦌 antlers are like antennas to connect with Spirit ✨and the wisdom that surrounds us all. Are you ready to take leadership of your life, face your Fear and climb to the top? Are you ready to see the beauty that is before you when you connect with Spirit ✨and get to the top of the mountain? Believe in yourself. Have confidence in who you are becoming.


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