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January 4,2023


January 4,2023

Heading into the powerful and transformative energies of 2023 it will be important to take care of yourself and be kind and gentle with yourself. Changes mean that you are learning new things, gaining new knowledge and making adjustments or letting go of thoughts, behaviours or patterns that you have relied on in the past. These may no longer be working. Being open to new ideas and experiences is important. Yes there will be some growing pains however see them as learning opportunities. Adjusting your thoughts this way changes your perception of what you previously considered “failure”. Over these next few months it will be important to be loyal to yourself. The Dog 🐶 wants you to know that sometimes you may want to run with the pack and other times you may want to just rest quietly alone. Listen to your body. Some of you may find tfat the pack you are running with no longer is healthy for you. You may have to find other like minded souls who support you. This can be heartbreaking and difficult however staying in that situation is even more difficult long term. Trust your instincts. 🐶 You will know if it feels right for you. Be present each day and in each moment. Staying in the now is the key to remaining grounded, calm and connected with the earth and yourself. Also please take time to play. Having fun is important. What brings you joy? Perhaps activities that were fun before no longer are. Perhaps you need to find other activities that bring you joy. Each day is a new day. Show up each day and be present in what you choose to do. Be truthful with yourself. If something is no longer working be open to trying something new. Be you. Just be. Allow your intuition to guide you.


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