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January 5,2022


January 5,2022

As is the routine I have drawn a card from the “Keepers of the Light” deck (Kyle Gray). For those that are new to my page the deck I use on a daily basis is the “Wisdom of Avalon “ deck (Colette Baron-Reid).

This month guiding our way is the spiritual master Hilarion. Hilarion was devoted to healing and service. He also helped people become comfortable with their spirituality. His message for the month is that the world 🌎 can be overwhelming at times (uh yeah 😳) and during those times it is okay to take a pause, perhaps a step aside, and retreat to a safe place for a time to cleanse, refresh and recharge your energy. You need to be filled with love and light in order to help others. You need to be in a calm , peaceful place within to help others. Like the oxygen mask in an airplane. This fits in with the main card today, Joy 🤩, as well as The Deer 🦌 which has appeared several times. Finding Joy 🤩 fills your cup. Being still and at peace 🕊 recharges your energy. Joy 🤩 and peace 🕊 are the light ☀️ and the light ☀️ recharges your batteries and supplies you with oxygen to help others. Hilarion sounds to me light hilarious. Find the joy and laughter within. Laughter 😂is the best medicine.

Love 💜, light ✨, laughter 😂 and blessings 🙏🕊.


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