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January 6,2022


January 6,2022

Well we continue on. Today the Disruption card appears. I can feel the rolling of the eyes 😁 and the “oh no not again” thoughts. This step in the process is necessary. Disruption is needed to churn things up and when that happens it often exposes things that have been buried. Just like an archeological dig, the deeper you find artifacts the older they are. This Disruption is needed to expose those things in order to heal. Like with the archeological dig, we cannot see and understand unless we uncover what has been buried. Disruption is also needed to break things apart so that we can make necessary adjustments where needed and explore and discover new ways of doing things. No changes ever get made without Disruption on some scale or level. By discovering what is buried deeply we can then begin to understand more about ourselves, others and the world around us. As we expose deeper levels of ourselves we allow healing and understanding to take place. Yes this may be uncomfortable however it is needed and worth it in the end. That is hard to see in the moment. Trust Spirit, face your Fear and ride the waves knowing that you will get safely to where you need to be. Allow the splashes of water that rise up to cleanse you and release you from the anchors ⚓️that are holding you in place. Some people you know may not choose to follow you. That is okay too. If you are meant to be together you will cross paths again. We all have our own unique journey. Follow your own path and let others follow theirs. Disruption comes and goes and each time you experience changes you reach a new level of knowledge, understanding snd wisdom. The wisdom is ancient wisdom, a knowing, and it is buried deep within us waiting to be uncovered and exposed. I would suggest a life jacket for this part of the journey as you may be bobbing around a bit and you will want to keep you head above water. Breathe🧘‍♀️, stay calm and find the peace 🕊 within knowing that everything is as it is meant to be. You are where you are for a reason. There are no coincidences.


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