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January 7,2023


January 7,2023

Releasing our Burdens and healing are major themes for this year and the year starts off with a powerful full moon 🌕 to assist us. We are here to learn about love. This means loving ourselves and others. In order to do this we need to release the Burdens that have detoured and deterred us and look where we are going. Spirit ✨understands that there are some Burdens that we carry that we may not even be aware of because we have carried them for so long. It may feel Risky and dangerous to let them go. Acknowledge that. Be mindful of that. Emotions may arise. Allow them and take time to look around you while still knowing that you are on the right path. You may feel lost and out of sorts at times so remembering to breath and get into a calm and centered space will help you to see clearer. Slow down. You are always where you are meant to be. Life is not a competition. Small steps. Gain confidence. Be grateful for what you have. Find joy in each day. When you do that you raise your vibration. Take a moment to tune into your body and see how it is feeling. Ask Spirit ✨ and your angels 😇 what you need to know each day and listen for the answer. Sometimes you just need to be. Be you and honour who you are. Just because you release your Burdens does not mean that you lose the value of the lessons you have learned. It means you no longer carry the weight of them. It will feel different. Allow time for your body, mind and soul to adjust. Take time to adjust your focus as needed. Trust and have faith that Spirit ✨ is leading you to where you need to go. We are here to enjoy our experience on earth. What would that look like for you? Right now there is power of creation. What would you like to create? What do you need to release to clear your way? You are never alone. Remember the magic 🔮. What are you manifesting? Remember the power of your thoughts. Remember to remember.


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