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January 9,2022


January 9,2022

Even though there have been a lot of changes, and changes will continue throughout the year, The Bee 🐝, comes forward today as the anchor card for the week. Yes there have been many changes, frustrations and setbacks however you have continued to work diligently to the best of your ability. You haven’t given up. Well sometimes you may have taken a rest as you were overwhelmed, that’s okay. Honour that. The Deer 🦌,who has been very prevalent lately, wants us to slow down a bit and take care of ourselves. You have worked hard and now have a hive full of honey 🍯. There are good things ahead. You will still need to put the time in to continuing to create what you desire for the future. You will continue to gather what you need along the way and you may still have detours now and again however you have completed an important step and now the honey 🍯 will help motivate you and sustain you as you continue to work towards your dreams. Perhaps making honey 🍯 is all you want to do. That’s okay too. You may be guided to other hives to assist them. With the continual shifting of energies ⚡️and planetary 🪐💫alignments be aware that there may be possibilities coming forth that you hadn’t even thought of. Be open to new opportunities. Dream big. If you want a conglomerate of hives so that there will be honey 🍯 for everyone then go for it. Make sure your intentions are pure and will cause no harm. You have an opportunity to create your future. Keep in mind that there is lots of energy and magic 🔮 in the air right now. Trust and have faith. Pay attention to synchronicities. There are no coincidences. Trust and have faith that good things are on the way and you will be guided to where you need to go. 💜🙏✨🍎🗡🔮🌀🦄♾

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