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July 12,2022


July 12,2022

Things may seem to be still however understand that there is still Movement beneath the surface. Nothing in this world, and in this universe, stays static. Sometimes it is small little movements which over time add up to make a difference and sometimes it is larger more obvious Movements. Right now it is small, subtle Movements beneath the surface. You may not always see , feel or hear them however they are happening. If you are blessed to catch a glimpse then allow whatever needs to move to move. Trust that Spirit knows just what small pieces need to move and in which order to create something better. Please keep in mind that Spirit never moves anything that you are not ready for. Synchronistic events are not coincidence. Sometimes events happen so that we can see things from a different perspective as things may need to be shuffled around a bit. Like moving the furniture in a room, it feels different and you see things from a different position. Know that you can always Move the furniture back if you so desire however take time with the new position first. Never hurts to give it a try. 🤗 When the surface of the water is calm we can see our reflection and sometimes we can also see what lies beneath the surface as well. Watch the Movement with awe knowing that Spirit is working beneath the surface to help you see who you truly are and to see how beautiful you have become. Know that this Movement will continue and your deeper understanding of yourself will continue to change and evolve. With this calmness and serenity you can help others be who they truly are as well. You don’t have to do anything. Just be calm and peaceful and allow them to see their own reflection. “Where Peaceful Waters Flow”. Chris de Burgh 🎵 🎶


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