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July 15,2022


July 15,2022

Protection. What is Protection? What does that word mean to you? Please remember that you are always protected as you carry Protection with you always in the form of the light within. Your light is your Protection. Your light comes from Spirit and He is always within you and around you. Well sometimes bad things happen so how can I say we are protected. That is true however sometimes your way is blocked or sometimes you are sick or break a bone, or are perhaps are in a crash. How is that Protection? Often it is because you need to be detoured to avoid something that may cause you harm or there is something on another path which you need to see. Maybe you are running on empty and not connecting with yourself, Spirit and your intuition so you are given some downtime to reset. Perhaps you really are tuned out and need a shock to wake you up so you have a crash 💥. Spirit ✨ knows what works best for you and what you need at any given moment. Listen to your intuition and follow the path. All you need to focus on is what is right in front of you now. If you do encounter obstacles then take time to connect with Spirit, yourself and your angels 👼 to understand what you need to see, hear and know. Right now there is a lot of information and energy coming at us and it can feel quite intense at times. Know you are never alone. Take time to find a peaceful place, whether real or in your mind, and remain calm, clear and connected. That too is Protection. Protection from fear. Your light ✨ is your Protection from the darkness. “May the long time sun ☀️ shine upon you. All love 💜 surround you. And the pure light ✨ within, guide your way on”. Irish Blessing ☘️


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