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July 16,2022


July 16,2022

Do you believe in magic 🔮? Isn’t it fascinating that things can change so quickly and right in front of your eyes. Lots happens behind the scenes in order for this to happen. Each step has to be precisely timed in order for things to come together. Synchronicities are those precisely timed steps. When you are following your intuition and allowing the magic in your life to unfold then everything seems to come into place at just the right time. We get frustrated and impatient at times however it is important to remember that when the time is right things will happen. If things do not seem to be lining up for you then it’s not the right time or perhaps you need to look at adjusting some of the props. Keep your vision for the future in mind and allow Spirit to work the behind the scenes stuff as Spirit’s timing is always precise. Keep in mind that Spirit sees the whole picture and knows precisely what needs to happen and when. There may be steps you hadn’t thought about. Each step is important and needed in order for things to work out. Maybe things aren’t coming together as you would have hoped or liked however trust that all will come together and you will be fascinated. Everything has a reason. While you are waiting to see what happens make sure to enjoy each step. Find the magic 🔮 in each day. Each day is one step closer ti completion. Look for the magic 🔮 in each day. Sometimes it is the simple things that bring you joy 🤩 and amaze you. Trust your intuition. Believe in yourself 🦄✨. Believe in the magic 🔮✨.


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