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July 17,2022


July 17,2022

The anchor card this week is both powerful and gentle. It is a reminder that when the going gets tough, the tough ask for help from Spirit . The Grail Knight comes to lead us as we continue on our quest, our path. Our quest is to find the truth, love and light within so that we can live in peace 🕊, harmony 🎶 and balance ⚖️ with ourselves, others and Mother Earth 🌎. Through our connection with Spirit we will find the light within. All quests are unique. What you need to see, hear and do and where you need to go depends on what you need to learn in this lifetime. Your quest will lead you to where you need to go. You will find the light within if that is your desire. There may be times when you feel defeated and that too is part of the process. The Grail Knight suggests that you give thanks to Spirit ✨and allow Spirit ✨to guide you. Take responsibility for your short comings. Ask forgiveness. You may feel that all is lost and perhaps you may never find your way. This is when you need to admit that and hold up your cup for Spirit✨ to refill. Let the love 💜and light of Spirit✨ shine upon you and give you strength and courage to continue on. It may be hard to know which way to go from here. Let the light, your inner light, which is Spirit ✨ be your guide. Feel the love 💜within and love 💜yourself for all that you are and radiate that love 💜to others as well. Remember…..”I am the love💜. I am the light✨. I am the truth🗡. I am. “

Let the love of Spirit fill you up so you can see and give you strength to carry on knowing that all is well and as it is meant to be.


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