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July 2,2022


July 2,2022

Once again the Risk card appears. As you make changes in your life there is Risk as you are venturing into new territory, perhaps unknown territory. You may encounter emotions that have been hidden along the way. All that happens is there so that you can acknowledge and release it and so that you can heal. It may feel dark in places however remind yourself that there is light at the end of the tunnel and all that you go through is another step towards the light. There may be distractions along the way and you are always welcome to take them however keep in mind that the quickest way through is the path straight ahead. Honour whatever path you choose and know that you never walk alone. Your angels 👼 abd Spirit✨ are always there to assist you along the way. Talk to them, ask questions, pray, meditate etc.. As you walk there may be many things that catch your eye however it will be important that you stay focused on where you are going. Stay in the moment and ask yourself if that is something you need to put your time and energy into right now. Is that something you can control? If not send love and light to whatever it is and keep walking. There may be chaos in all directions around you however your light and love will act almost like a shield as light dissolves the darkness and love heals all. Imagine yourself walking and your body is just sparkling and glowing as you know that your path is leading you to where you need to go. Remember that when you are in areas that are darker than others that you are the light. You have all the tools and support to transmute and heal. A Risk is taking a chance. Are you willing to take a chance on you? A Risk involves not knowing. Are you willing to trust in yourself and Spirit✨? Everyone has a different level of Risk that they are willing to accept. Risk involves being out of your comfort zone at times. Acknowledge this. Risk involves courage. Your light is your courage. Sometimes it may be brighter than others however you only need a tiny bit of light to find the courage within. Courage comes in different ways however it is always the will and desire to face whatever situations you are presented with. Your love and light bring you courage and also help others to find their inner light and courage as well. You have come through so much. Spirit ✨ understands. You are nearing the end of this path. Continue to trust the process. You will get to where you need to go in perfect timing. All is well.


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