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July 20,2022


July 20,2022

The Movement card returns. The message is similar in that it is about Movement below the surface even though we may not be able to see it. At this time many can feel the “shifts” that are happening within however you may not be able to understand what is happening. That’s okay. It can be unsettling so stay in that calm and peaceful place and allow what needs to happen, happen. You are changing, the world is changing. Know that. The calm still waters of the surface allow you the opportunity to look at yourself, externally and below the surface, to see areas that perhaps you would like to shift. This peaceful time is a great time to look closely at who you are and who you want to be. In order to do that you will need to have your feet firmly planted on the ground so that your foundation is secure. Look through the surface and see what is important to you. All that is happening right now is ripples however ripples do spiral 🌀 out and often we are not able to see their effect. A ripple on the surface also creates ripples below. Connect with Spirit ✨, your angels 👼, yourself and, perhaps others, to help you see what you need to see. You will be better able to go with the flow if you know yourself and are true to yourself. Look below the surface and see the unseen beauty below. No matter what shifts happen they create beauty and, beauty looks different to everyone. Allow yourself to see the beauty of who you are. By doing that you will be better able to see the beauty in others as well. Be who you truly are and find the peace 🕊 and serenity within. Learn how to go with the gentle flow of the ripples so that you have confidence to ride the waves 🌊.


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