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July 21,2022


July 21,2022

Two interesting cards come forth today. The Goblin steps back into the mix as there are things that we need to look at, and see, in order to heal. There are things that we are still hiding from perhaps because we either would prefer not to see or we keep pushing them out of the way (consciously or unconsciously). We allow The Goblin to distract us. The Goblin is happy to oblige and will keep your mind distracted for as long as you allow it. Spirit wants you to know that you can always ask for help to deal with whatever you need. It may seem like you are alone at this time and that this is all that there is however Spirit asks that you simply see this as a time to heal by nourishing yourself on all levels. Take time for you. Take the time you need. Know that you are not alone. You always have Spirit and your angels 👼. Your herd 🐄 is close by as well if you need the support and connection with others. If you are not sure what nourishes you and fills you up this is a good time to contemplate what it is you need. Please remember that you always have all that you need 🐄. This is a good time to be in the moment and look at what is around you and be grateful for what you do have. Be at peace 🕊 where you are right now and use this time to “chew” on whatever may come up for you. This may mean you release some feelings, thoughts , patterns, beliefs, and perhaps people that only serve to keep you distracted and keep you from seeing who you truly are, which only keeps you seeing that same patch of grass 🌱 🐄 when there is abundance elsewhere. The Goblin is only as powerful as you allow him to be. Do you need to move on? Listen to your heart ♥️. You will know what to do. When thoughts, visions, dreams appear contemplate them without over analyzing. Look for solutions in the here and now. Know that some grass 🌱 🐄 is better than others however you need to try them in order to know which you prefer. Be open to other possibilities and opportunities.


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