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July 23,2022


July 23,2022

Well look who comes back today 🙃. Our mischievous friend The Goblin. He likes to play tricks so that you won’t pay attention to what you are supposed to. This may be a good time to start journaling if you haven’t done so before as there may be a lot of things that come into your mind at this time. You may not need to deal with each and everything right now so it may be helpful to just write ✍things down as they come and you can look at them at a later date. Attempting to deal with too many things at once will only create more confusion. Now confusion is The Goblin’s specialty. The Goblin likes you to stay just where you are. because then he has power over you. You actually have the power over him. The Goblin has kept you entertained so to speak with various tricks and distractions for years and it has served a purpose. Now though you are beginning to see things differently. Pay attention to your thoughts and emotions and ask where this is coming from, what you need to know and how can you heal or make adjustments. When you do this The Goblin may keep trying to entice you back to your old way of thinking by using several tricks, he is a master of trickery after all, however if you set your intention to heal, to see things differently and to make changes in your life, The Goblin will be less distracting and you will be able to focus on your vision for the future. One of the best ways of doing this is simply putting your vision out there to the collective and then live each day with joy 🤩. Be grateful for each day and especially the little things that make you feel good. Being present in the right here and now and being at peace 🕊 where you are is important. Be open to opportunities and new possibilities that may come your way. Your joy 🤩 and gratitude is your light. The Goblin likes to play in the shadows and if your light illuminates then there are no shadows. Your light is your power and is a gift from Spirit. A gift that is for you and is also to share.


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