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July 26,2022


July 26,2022

No matter what happens or where you find yourself, Spirit is always with you. What lies ahead is unknown and it is important to remember that you are where you are meant to be. Everyone’s path is different however they all lead to a similar place. That place is peace 🕊and calmness within. Some may run and others may walk. Some make more frequent pauses to rest along the way. Listen to your intuition and the inner light ✨ that guides you. You will know in your heart what is needed. Tap into that inner wisdom. Clear your mind and listen to the sound of the ocean waves, or any other place that brings you solace, to take you to that place of peace 🕊 and tranquility where your mind can think clearly and you can connect with Spirit/Higher Power/Source or whatever name you prefer. Feel the love 💜 that Spirit ✨ brings to your heart and know that the love 💜 is with you always. Yes it is true that sometimes things occur that can be painful or cause distress. Perhaps they happen to awaken you so that you can see or help you adjust your thinking to see from a different perspective or perhaps see another path that is available to you. As you learn to see things from other perspectives you learn to adjust your thoughts and see positive aspects of each situation. You learn to see that Spirit ✨ is always with you and there are no coincidences. You learn to see, and feel, the signs that guide you on. Yiu have the light ✨within you, you are the light ✨ and the light ✨ is also Protection as it illuminates what you cannot see. It lights your way so you can see. You mayvtrip and fall however be determined to get back up and carry on. You are needed, you are loved. “I am the light. I am the love. I am the truth. I AM. “


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