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July 3,2022


July 3,2022

As we head into this next week you may find yourself faced with decisions. Decisions that may be filled with emotions. Know that Spirit walks with you and will guide you. Ask and you shall receive. Look, listen and feel. Stay calm as Spirit, and your angels 👼 , are watching over you. There may be times of emotions which seem to come out of the blue. There may be times of pause as you survey the scene. As we walk further into this month, and as you walk further on your path, you will see new things and see things in a different way. Yes there may be some moments where fear attempts to creep in as you question yourself and wonder if you have done the right thing or made the right decision. At these times stop and breathe and reconnect with Spirit ✨and your light ✨within. Connect with your heart ♥️. The answers are there. Step out and observe. All you need to see is the path in front of you, right here and right now. It may feel like a lonely path at times. You are not alone. You are never alone. Take time to pause and enjoy where you are and who you are. You will get there in just the right time. Walk tall. Stand in your power. Let your light ✨within shine, it is your Protection. Let it guide you.

“May the long time sun ☀️ shine upon you. All love 💜surround you. And the pure light✨ within guide your way on.” Irish Blessing ☘


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