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July 31,2022


July 31,2022

This week begins yet another month and the time seems to be flying by. Today Uranus enters the North node in Taurus ♉️ so more shifting 😵‍💫 ahead. This week you may have a lot going on in your mind. It can be overwhelming to deal with it all. You may find that you need to speak out. You may be trying to make sense out of so much and find that you need more information. Well some things may not make sense so trying to do so is only an effort in frustration. This week when you have questions or are feeling overwhelmed make sure to connect with Spirit ✨and ask for help and guidance. Spirit✨ can help you see the truth. Take time to ask what you need to know today and listen for the answer. Connecting with Spirit ✨will help you find the calmness within when things seem to be swirling 🌪 out of control. Spirit ✨can shine light to help you see. Even though things may be chaotic and you may feel you have lost your way remember to be grateful for what is and for each day. Gratitude is powerful. If you are feeling tired and not sure what to do next or where to go then raise your cup and ask Spirit✨ to fill it. Spirit ✨can help you find the calmness within to weather the storm. Go within this week to remain calm so that you can think with clarity. Trust that Spirit ✨ will guide you through. Even though the storm is raging outside take time to find the calm and gentle breeze within.


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