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July 4,2022


💥🇺🇸Happy 4th of July to the United States of America 🇺🇸 💥

Today, and this week, marks some major celestial 💫 events which will bring about some shifts in energy and consciousness. How “coincidental” that the card today is The Raven. Magic 🔮 is definitely in the air. You may be feeling tired, out of sorts, having physical symptoms of unknown origin or vivid dreams. All these and much more can be signs of shifting energy. They will magically 🔮 disappear. You may find that this week and the weeks ahead seem to have more synchronistic events because, there will be. The energies are light energies and bringing us in alignment with our body, mind and soul. For some it may be a gradual change and for others it might be like a poof 💥 and you’ve magically 🔮 changed. The magic 🔮 of Spirit ✨ works in mysterious ways so be open to however it presents itself for you. This energy is an energy of unity. Unity for your body, mind and soul and with others. Interesting as well that it is Independence Day in the “United” States. You may magically 🔮 be granted the ability to see behind the curtain. Seeing behind the curtain may give you a sense of freedom as you now know it’s all an illusion and how it was done. This sense of freedom and unity will help you to go forth with a different perspective. You will begin to have a deeper understanding of many things. You will understand your own truth as well as the truth of others. Allow the magic 🔮 to take fold and unite together in the magic🔮of Spirit✨.


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