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July 5,2022


July 5,2022

This week, for several reasons, may bring you a flood of emotions. Some of these may be from long ago, others more recent and some may seem from out of the blue. These emotions surface to help you understand yourself more and through this understanding you can accept yourself, through your experiences, for who you are. This is part of healing. It can be difficult to see some things however by being open and allowing yourself to embrace the experience it will be cleansed of any power it holds over you. Emotions help us to see areas of ourselves and our lives that need some attention and perhaps some nurturing. Make sure, through this process to nurture yourself. It may help to be around water 💦 if possible and let the sound of the water soothe you. If that is not possible a nice bath with some essential oils (Bergamot, Lavender and Sandalwood are helpful). Listening to sounds of the ocean or a river will be helpful as well. Have a shower and feel the water washing over you and cleansing anything that you are feeling. Crystals like malachite, clear quartz, smoky quartz and selenite are beneficial as well. You can infuse them, all but selenite, in your drinking water 💧 if that resonates with you. Listen to your intuition. When emotions arise ask yourself where that is coming from and what you need to know. Ask Spirit✨ how you can heal. Listen for the answers. Feel where the emotions emanate from and where you are feeling them in your body. Your body holds trauma. There are many books out there if you want to read more about this. Some that come to mind are, “Heal Your Body”(Louse Hay), “The Body Keeps The Score” (Bessel van der Kolk) and “When The Body Says No” (Gabor Mate). Be kind and be gentle with yourself. Be kind and compassionate with others for you know not where their journey takes them. When others are angry or behaving badly that is often a reflection on them and the turmoil within. See your reflection in the water, feel the love 💜and light ✨reflecting back to you and then pass this love 💜and light ✨to others. May the peace 🕊 and comfort of Spirit ✨wash over you


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