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July 6,2022


July 6,2022

Birth-Rebirth is the card that comes forth today. Birth is about creating a new life. Birth is bringing forth something new that is created through love. Birth is about nurturing the new growth within. Alas, Birth also means that there are cycles and that when one cycle ends then a new one can begin. This transition can be difficult as we let go of the old in order to create space for the new. There are losses however there are also gifts. The old serves as nutrients for the new growth. Like the leaves 🍁 falling from the trees in the autumn. Those leaves 🍁 have completed their cycle and now drop to the earth to provide nutrients for new growth. You can visualize this with your own life as aspects of your life seem to fall away see them written on a leaf 🍂 and falling to the ground where they will provide nutrients for the next cycle. Yes some may be whisked away and deposited in other locations. Keep in mind the magic 🔮 of Spirit ✨ and that there are no coincidences. The leaves 🍁will go exactly where they are needed and meant to be. As you travel on you may find some of your leaves 🍁 in various places. Acknowledge them and honour them and then continue on. New leaves 🍃 will come in the right time. Trust the path you are on and even though it may look different know that you are on the right path. Know that you are never alone. Know that the light is all around you and there is light at the end of this “tunnel”. Change is inevitable as are the cycles of the earth. Nothing is random. See the beauty in the now knowing that there is even more beauty to come. Patience is required. The seasons change in perfect timing and so do we. Find comfort and peace 🕊 in the present moment. Be grateful for the changes as you are for the seasons. Nothing lasts forever except love 💜and light✨. If you need strength to carry on remember that “Love is might” , your strength and “Might is right” ie Love is the answer. Love you and love where you are. Love the changes and love the light that shines so you can see. Love the earth that supports us and heals us. Your journey continues. Accept the change and delight in the prospect of new growth. May peace 🕊 be with you.


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