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July 8,2022


July 8,2022

Today we have a visit from The High Priestess. The High Priestess has strong intuitive skills and is able to discern the truth. Actions speak louder than words is a saying that many of us know. Well, to add to that, your intuitive wisdom is a screamer. Have you ever got the feeling that someone is not telling you the whole story, that perhaps they are leaving out pieces of the puzzle 🧩 or that something doesn’t “feel right”. That is your intuition. We all have it. The High Priestess has a highly developed intuition and connects with Spirit ✨ regularly. Intuition helps you connect with yourself and also the collective energy that surrounds us and with the energy of Spirit ✨and the Universe 🪐💫🌈☀️🌟. Connecting with this energy helps to guide you as well as create a vision for your future. It is a knowing that you often feel in various parts of your body. Many people feel it in their heart ♥️ (heart chakra) or gut (solar plexus chakra) areas however it can be felt in other areas as well. Take time to pay attention to what sensations you feel and where you feel then when you get that feeling that something is just not quite right or perhaps you are being guided to go somewhere or do something. When Spirit ✨ is guiding you the feelings and ideas are always loving 💜 and positive. The High Priestess knows that her connection with Spirit is what helps her to stay calm and see life from a different perspective. By connecting with the energy if Spirit✨ she can be understanding and compassionate and help others to see through the mist. The High Priestess asks that you too tap into this higher knowing and wisdom. We all have the ability to do so if we so choose. It takes some patience , trust and practice however connecting with yourself and the higher power/source within can be like a glue that sticks you together and makes you feel whole. Connecting with Spirit✨ and your higher self allows you to create the picture of what your vision of life is and now you can find, and sort, all the pieces to complete your puzzle 🧩. Take time daily to connect with Spirit through meditation, nature walks, art 🎨 or whatever other ways work for you. Be kind and patient with yourself and others. Be in the present moment where you can hear, see, and most importantly,feel what is real and what is truth. Honour the Spirit ✨ within. Honour the Spirit ✨within others.


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