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June 19, 2022


June 19,2022

💜Happy Father’s Day to all the new, old and wanna be fathers out there, and also the fathers in heaven that are gone but not forgotten. 💜

The anchor card for this week is 🤩 . Joy 🤩 raises your vibration and energy and it also raises the collective energy and vibration as well. There have been many changes, twists and turns and some of you may feel lost or perhaps like you cannot go on anymore. Find the ray of sunshine ☀️ in each day. Be grateful for what is. The ray that ignites your solar plexus and gives you the drive, motivation, strength and power to go on. Finding Joy 🤩 in each day is part of the healing journey. Perhaps you discover new things that bring you Joy 🤩 that you never expected. Now more than ever it is important to find even a moment of Joy 🤩 each day. Do this for yourself. If you can bring Joy 🤩 to others that is good too. Healing can be a lonely journey however it is worth it in the end. Healing can bring you to a standstill at times. Remember in these more difficult times that Spirit is with you and He will help through it. You are not lost. You are not alone. You are recalibrating, reorganizing and returning to your Divine self. Find the Joy 🤩 in becoming who you truly are. Find Joy 🤩 in all the healing you have done. See the path ahead as an adventure and find the Joy 🤩 in new discoveries and new opportunities that may come your way. If all else fails find the Joy 🤩 in the mantra “I am the light. I am the love. I am the truth. I am.” Allow the energy and vibration of this mantra to fill you with love and light. The love and light that will help you to shine ☀️💜🙏✨.


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