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June 21,2022


June 21,2022

☀️🌻🪷Solstice Blessings🪷🌻☀️

“May the long time sun ☀️ shine upon you. All love 💜 surround you. And the pure light ✨ within guide your way on” Irish Blessing ☘

Today I was guided to draw a couple of cards and the message relates to the remainder of the year. As there have been some shifts in energies 😁, and more to come, we may find ourselves bewildered by changes within us both physically and mentally. You may find your thought processes have changed even though you haven’t consciously done so. Your body may feel different. It may feel lighter, it may feel stronger. Many things are possible so connect with your higher self to know and understand. As we move into these new energies we have the ability to create 🕷 , in conjunction with Spirit✨, many new and amazing things. Keep your mind in creative mode about what you want, how you see your life ahead and what values are important to you. Then extend this creation to the world around you and then, perhaps, even globally. We are being given an opportunity to create🕷 a world that is in peace 🕊, balance and harmony with ourselves, others and Mother Earth 🌎. Together with Spirit we can create 🕷a world that is based on cooperation and working together. What do you want to create for your life? If you could do something all over again how would you do it? We see things so differently now so this is your opportunity to visualize the world you want to be in. Will it be perfect? Absolutely not however you will be able to embrace the imperfections with a better understanding and a deeper knowing. Today give thanks to Spirit ✨ and the sun ☀️ , both which bring you love, light and power. Join with Spirit to guide you and help you to plan what you desire and what will be in your best interests moving ahead. . Some of you may feel inclined to make a vision board, others may write, others may paint 🎨, others may dream 💭 . No matter how you visualize it imagine yourself already there and feel yourself there with all your heart, soul and senses. With Spirit ✨ anything is possible. It may not be exactly as you envisioned however it may be even better. Keep in mind this is a process. It takes time however it all starts with an idea, a vision. One person can make a difference. You can make a difference. Believe in the magic 🔮 of Spirit.

💜🙏🍎🗡🔮🌀 🦄

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