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June 22,2022


June 22,2022

How you see the world and your life is of great importance. Like seeing the glass half full or half empty. Which phrase you choose is important as your brain believes what you tell it. Your thoughts are powerful. It is time to change your Perception of things. There is more than enough for everyone. We live on a planet and in a universe where our needs (not our wants) are taken care of if we do desire. There is always free choice. If you believe you have enough then you do. If you believe that things will get better they will. You have what you need when you need it. There will be new opportunities ahead. Ask Spirit for guidance. Take time daily to listen to your body and higher self as to what you need to do. Take time each day to enjoy you. Take time each day to be happy where you are. If you feel you need to move to a new patch of grass 🐄 then listen to that gut instinct. Now some may be too comfortable where they are and be hesitant to change. If you are not happy where you are then you will need to take a step or two out of your comfort zone. Spirit can guide you if you are willing to take the steps. Little steps are okay. Sometimes just turning to look in a different direction makes a big difference. As so much is changing it is important to look after you in the process. Eat well, find joy 🤩 in each day, rest as needed. You have come so far. Find joy 🤩 in that. Find peace 🕊 in the moment. Connect with Spirit and keep your feet on the ground. Balance between Heaven and earth. Connect with heaven and earth with your ♥️. What areas of your life do you need to see differently? Ask yourself the question and allow the answers to flow. What can you do to change your Perception?


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