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June 27,2022


June 27,2022

With all the shifts and changes and as you learn to remain grounded and in a calm state of mind, you will begin to feel and notice even more signs and synchronicities. As you let go of things ( this is physical, emotional, mentally and perhaps some spiritual ideologies as well) you will create a space for Spirit. You will have heightened intuitive sense and you may often feel like you know without knowing how you know. As this happens you may initially feel a little Fear as you are not sure where this is coming from. For some of you this is brand new. Trust your intuition. Listen to those gut instincts.Spirit and your angels 👼 are showing you the way through. There may be a lot coming in to your visual and auditory fields right now. It will be important to discern what is truth, what is for you and what you need to Focus on right now. The winds can change suddenly so, like The Hawk, you too will need to adjust. The Hawk sees from above and can help you find your path again. There may be a lot of distractions and it can be easy to get turned around. Watch for the signs to keep you on track or get you back on track. Your light within will know. Your light within will also guide you. You are where you are meant to be. All is well. Trust and have faith in the process. Spirit✨ is with you and is sending you lots of love and support.


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