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June 29,2022


June 29,2022

Oh the mind wants you to stay just way you are. The mind is trying various tricks to distract you from seeing what is truly there and seeing the beauty that is about to unfold. That beauty is you . That beauty is the changes you are feeling and experiencing. For some these feelings are deep and they do not quite understand them however the stirring is there. The transformation has already begun. This transformation is you. Becoming your true and authentic self and revealing the true beauty of Spirit within. Now the mind does not want you to see that true beauty because there is a feeling of losing control. That is not true. The mind will distract you with all sorts of negativity and when you do see through the illusion it will tell you to look over here. The mind will dredge up old wounds and hurts in order to stop you from changing. Spirit sends us The Eagle today remind us that you can rise above and connect with your Divine self. The self that sees, understands and lives from the heart 歹 and shows your true beauty 肓ithin. The transformation has begun and you will emerge more beautiful than you can imagine. Allow your mind to bring up whatever comes and then connect with Spirit to transmute these energies to light so that they can be released. This is not a time to play games. This is a time to act with honesty and integrity. Listen to your intuition. If it doesnt feel right it probably isnt. Use the keen eye sight of The Eagle to help you see what is truth. Take control of yourself and allow Spirit to transform you into the beautiful soul that you are. Others will see and feel the change within you. By being determined to get through your struggles you will inspire others. Once the transformation is complete we will take to the skies and the beauty of us all together will be breathtaking. A wonderment to behold 劾.

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