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June 3,2022


June 3,2022

Truth is your bridge. Truth is how you will get across the murky waters that lie beneath. As we experience issues being brought to the surface, our openness to see the Truth is what will help us to see clearly and therefore be able to take the next step to further healing. The Truth may be murky and create some shock. Know this and when you feel the shock wave about to hit, like a ripple on the water, you can see it coming so have a moment to prepare, take a deep breath and imagine yourself grounded (rooted) to the earth like a tree 🌳. This will help you to stay calm and strong and allow the wave to pass. See what you need to see and then allow it to pass through. It comes and it goes. As you let the ripples pass by you will once again find that calmness and serenity and that will restore your balance. There will be times that you feel out of balance and about to fall. Know that, with your intent to uncover the Truth and heal, Spirit and your angels will be there to help you balance. Maybe you have to crawl for a bit. Know that you are safe wherever you are. The Truth does set you free as it releases the weight on your shoulders and then you can be ready to take the leap of faith that The Frog 🐸 mentioned earlier in the week. Hold the light✨. Hold the love💜. There are better things ahead even though it may not be clear right now. Trust the process. Trust Spirit ✨. Love yourself enough to see the Truth. Just be. Let go and Let God✨🙏. The vision of Indiana Jones in one of the Raiders of the Lost Ark movies (sorry can’t remember which one 🤗), stepping off the cliff in a leap of faith comes to mind. As he takes the step that may send him to his doom a bridge appears. What message do you receive from this?


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