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June 30,2022


June 30,2022

Whatever is weighing heavily on your shoulders Spirit asks you to release it and allow it to be transmuted. This is the alchemy of using whatever experience it may be and allowing it to be of value. It is about changing your viewpoint and seeing the positive aspects of change. The seasons change and so do we. Allow whatever comes up for you to be released. Understand it but don’t obsess about it. It’s like thinking about the fall. You can get depressed because you know the summer is over or you can see the unique beauty in the colours of the leaves 🍁 and use your energy to reflect and prepare to create new things/ideas/routines etc.. Whatever your Burden may be trust that Spirit ✨ will help you to find your way. It can be difficult at times and you may need to rest. Honour your body. Listen to what it needs. We are in a process of change. Allow the change to happen as it is meant to be. Allow Spirit ✨to comfort you and help you to see things differently. Find the peace 🕊 where you are at the moment. Be open to possibilities because as you release each thing it leaves room for something better to come in. Allow whatever leaves 🍁 need to fall. Their time is done. A great exercise is to see whatever emotion/thought/pattern that comes up for you as writing on a leaf 🍂. Ask yourself questions about this particular item, and especially ask how this has served you in the past, so you can understand it better. Then watch it release from the branch and fall to the forest floor where it will act as nourishment to the earth and future growth. The energies around us now may feel like a Burden to some especially if you are sensitive. Acknowledge that, honour your body and allow the energies to release to Spirit. Be patient. Change does not happen overnight. It starts slow and moves at just the right pace.


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