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June 9,2022


June 9,2022

Where do I go? What do I do? What do I need to see? These questions come up a lot these days. As we are changing, evolving and transforming we no longer have old patterns to fall down on and this can leave us feeling “in the dark” so to speak. Luckily today The Owl 🦉 comes to assist us. The Owl has incredible wisdom especially during times of change and he also can see very well into the dark. The Owl 🦉 uses a lot of senses to focus in on what is needed and these senses also filter out what is not needed. This is an important time to use your own senses, especially the extra sensory ones, in order to discern what is real and what is deception. The dark hides many things and there are many sounds etc that we hear when it’s dark that cause fear. Because we can’t see them our imaginations take control and expect the worse. Allow your light ✨ to shine in the dark so that you can truly see what is there. Sometimes you may need to sit quietly, and patiently, and wait. In these times continue to ask Spirit, the light ✨ within, to guide you daily on what you need to do, or know. There may be distractions. Focus on what you are truly looking for. Be wise. Open your eyes to see and shine your light into the darkness to illuminate what is real. Take action when the Spirit ✨ moves you 😉.


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