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June 2,2022

A few cards appeared today. Right now as you are creating your life for the future and making changes, and experiencing changes, it is important to keep in mind that everything is new and your are learning new ways of thinking and of being. This can be uncomfortable at times and shake you up. It is important to be able to return to that calm and neutral mind where you can Focus on what your true path is and what your intentions are. “Why”is a good question to ask yourself. Make sure that you have explored and gotten rid of the clutter that may block your way. There will be times that are slower and you need to return, and perhaps relearn, and repair. That’s okay. Be patient with yourself and dare to ask questions of yourself and others. It will take time however you have all the time that you need. Creation is inspired by Spirit/The Creator so allow the love of Spirit to work within you and through you to shine the light on where you need to go. Stay Focused on what lies in front of you and know that what is beyond your field of vision at this time will be shown to you when you get there. Stepping up and stepping out into new beginnings is out of your comfort zone. Allow yourself the time to learn new ways. Show up each day knowing that you are the love, the light and the truth because Spirit is within you and around you. This requires the leap 🐸 of faith that was mentioned yesterday as well as being your own best friend dog 🐩. As you uncover more truth about the beauty of who you are and who you are becoming you will find that hidden Wealth of knowledge. There may be surprises. There may be some trying times however, you have the strength and the power to learn and grow. Look through the innocent eyes of a child where everything is amazing and everything is a learning experience.

You are loved. Love 💜 is where your truth and power resides. That is within you always and cannot be taken away. It may feel dull and tarnished at times however it is there. If you fall, get up, dust yourself off and carry on 💜✨


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