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Spirit of Avalon

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

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December 3,2021

Leaping out quickly today is The Fire Faery , again. With the solar eclipse tomorrow and the new moon in Sagittarius , amongst other things, there is bound to be some fire . The fire will burn away all the debris that is preventing you from seeing what lies beneath. What lies below is the truth. It is time to take action and reveal the truth and see your truth. The Fire Faery comes in today quite suddenly and intensely. You too may find things happen suddenly, or are intense at times, so be prepared to take action as needed. Keep in mind that everything happens for a reason. Trust what is happening, stay grounded, find joy in each day, work on your creations, whatever that may be, be grateful for what you do have and allow yourself to let go of things that no longer are for your highest good. Let The Fire Faery burn them away for you. This all sounds pretty intense and it may have its moments however this is all happening for a reason. The old needs to be cleansed in order for new growth to appear. Instead of focusing on what you have lost , focus on the new growth you are creating. It will take courage to fight these fires . You have the strength, courage and wisdom to do this. Trust your intuition. Trust Spirit. Trust yourself. Remember you can asked for angelic help any time. There is a lot of help and support from these realms right now. Believe in yourself. Believe in the magic .

December 2,2021

What will be the story that The Bard tells about you? Will it be one of courage and brave deeds? Will it be one of tragedy? Only you can decide that. Right now you have the opportunity to create the story for the future, the story you will leave behind for others. The story that is about your true and honest self. This story will enchant and inspire others as it comes from a place of inspiration and enchantment and that place is within you. It is your soul, your essence. You have come to this world from a place of Spirit and you were created from Spirit so it only makes sense that you are an in-spirit-ion (slight adjustment to spelling ). So now it is time to create your story. What inspires you? Where is your passion? What are deep beliefs and values that you are prepared to fight for? What are your boundaries that cannot be crossed and where do you draw the line? You need to create this story of a hero/heroine who stands in their truth and is prepared to be strong, authentic and true to yourself. Will people tell your story in the future? Who knows and it frankly does not matter because God will know and in the end He is the only one that matters. He sees all that you are and all that you think, feel and do. He does not judge you. He just loves you for being who you truly are. So take time to create your own in-spirit-ional story based on the love that is within you. Share your story if you so desire. Share your story in any way that resonates with you and brings you joy . That may be art , music , dancing , writing etc.. Any way that you so choose. Have faith that your story will touch the hearts of those who need it. It may even touch your own heart and allow you to heal. Just be you. Just be love . That is the greatest story of all

December 1,2021

Wow 😮 time seems to be going fast. And another wow 😮 for today as two powerful cards have appeared together which I have never had before flanked by a third powerful card. Most unusual day indeed! 😳There is magic 🔮 in the air. Can you feel it? The Merlin 🔮 and The High Priestess 🦄 join forces today flanked by The Fire Faery 🔥 🧚‍♀️. I will try to keep this message as concise as possible as there is a lot coming in right now.

Justice will prevail. Trust the magic 🔮. Many events are unfolding behind the scenes that we cannot not see, and are not privy to, however you can feel them. The air is electric right now and twists and turns are happening at a rapid rate. It is important to stay connected with yourself, the earth, and higher powers. It is important that you listen to your intuition as intuition is very heightened right now. You may see it, feel it or dream things. Pay attention and write them down. They are bringing you messages and hope for the future. Also be careful and be discerning about what you are hearing and seeing. All is not as it seems. If you have any doubts at all then meditate 🧘‍♀️ or pray and do your own research. The fire 🔥 is raging to take out all that is no longer needed or serves the highest good. Trust that new things will come from all the destruction. Stay positive and keep your vibration high. This is the time to step into your power and take action. Find the balance in your life. Take control over your life. Find joy in each day and be grateful. These attributes are more important than you can imagine. Be the light ✨. This is the time to take back your power and let magic happen. Pray for help if you need it. Your prayers are always answered. Send thanks to God when your prayers are answered. God is in control and where He is there is magic 🔮✨


November 30,2021

Ending this month we are greeted by The King 👑 to guide us and take us forward. The King 👑 is the ruler and holds justice and fairness in balance ⚖️. The King 👑may seem to be acting alone however he is not. He takes his guidance from God and many ascended masters as he is very much aware of all the pieces of the puzzle 🧩 and must make a judgement based on what is for the highest good. Trust that justice will be served. The King 👑 has the final authority however he uses his power wisely. The King seeks the truth 🗡 as he knows that in order for justice to prevail he must have all the facts and information. If he feels pieces are missing he either searches for the answers himself or he asks other trusted members of his council to seek the information. He does not make a decision until he feels fully informed. The King 👑 asks us to take authority over our own lives and use these principles as mentioned above to help guide us. If you are unsure take time to meditate 🧘‍♀️ or pray to God and your angels 👼 to help you see the big picture and what is best and for your highest good. It is time to stand in your power and take back control and responsibility for your life. Often we have others trying to control things without wanting to take responsibility. The King 👑 knows that control and responsibility go together. You can’t have one without the other. It is time to bring up that masculine energy within and use your inner wisdom. Be honest with yourself. Be fair and nonjudgmental with yourself and others. Maybe you agree, maybe you don’t. Each person can only decide for themselves. If others are causing you harm or attempting to cross your boundaries it is up to you to stand strong. It can be difficult however the choice is always yours. Look at your situation like The King would, from the outside looking in. Take time to search within for the answers and ask God to guide you. Most of all continue to love others. They too have their own choice.

Love 💜, light ✨ and blessings 🙏.


November 29,2021

Returning yet again is The Spider 🕷. As we enter the energies of the new moon 🌚 in Sagittarius ♐️ and solar eclipse there will be yet another shift. This shift may have a lot of push and pull. The astrology is quite complex right now and I am not an astrologer so if you would like more info I would recommend you do some research as it truly is fascinating, and magical 🔮(😉❇️).

I digress.

The Spider 🕷 is about creating. The old ways are circling the drain so to speak. It is now time to dig deep and create your dreams. Be like a child and find that sense of wonder and experience how a child feels when using the imagination to create a beautiful world only for them. This is a time to dream big. Use your imagination to create what it is you need and want. What parts of your web 🕸 need repairing and what parts can you renovate? There may be parts that you just have to leave broken as well. Maybe you start totally fresh because the fire 🔥 has destroyed your web. Create your own masterpiece. You may have to start alone however in time, if you so desire, you will find others of like mind and together you will create a web 🕸 that serves others for the highest good. I will once again repeat myself here. Being grounded is very important right now as it will be easy to get out of focus as to what you need and want to create. As well you will able to think clearly and stay calm. Also it is important to stay grounded as the energies are all over the map 🗺 right now and you need to connect with Heaven and earth 🌎. Mind, body and soul need to work in balance and harmony. See this as an adventure. You are designing your own web 🕸. A web that is uniquely suited to you plus you are helping to design a collective web 🕸 that will be for the highest good of all. You are here for a reason. Your energy is needed right now. Believe in yourself 🦄. Believe in the magic🔮.


November 28,2021

As we come into this week the cards are telling us of changes up ahead. There is a feeling of dark times ahead. You may find as you notice things are changing that you are feeling more uneasy and unsure of yourself. This may be hard for you to understand as you thought you had found some balance in your life. Well you have, it’s just that things on all level are shifting, again 🙄🤪. The Restriction you feel will be temporary and for some it may cause some upheaval within. Keep in mind that our idea of a long time is like the blink of an eye to the Universe. 💫There is a lot happening astrologically (again🤗🤔) this week as we enter into the energies of a new moon 🌚 and a solar eclipse ☀️. Things may seem a little topsy turvy and you may find yourself changing your mind a lot. Please be patient with yourself as this is all new to all of us. This is all part of the healing process. It will be important to stay grounded. If you are unsure it is okay to hold your ground. Just be sure you are aware of this. You may not understand why so listening to your gut feelings will be important. Some Restrictions are put in place to protect you, some are there to help you see things differently and some are of your own doing. Stay connected with Spirit and stay grounded so you can discern which one it is. Things are darkest before the dawn. Trust the process. Hold your ground if you need to. You will know when it is time to walk on. Keep an open mind and heart ♥️. Be confident in yourself. Others may try to convince you otherwise. We are all on a different path, all heading for the same outcome, but getting there in different ways. What is right for others may not be right for you. Acknowledge this without judgement. You are strong and you are courageous. You will get through this.


November 27,2021

What is dear to your heart? What do you like to do that brings you joy? What really fires 🔥 you up and gets you motivated. The Fire Faery 🔥 🧚‍♀️ is our guide to explore all these areas and many more. This may mean that you have to set some areas of your life on fire 🔥 in order to make room for new growth. This can be incredibly difficult however The Fire Faery 🔥 🧚‍♀️ asks that you remain positive and look at the positive outcomes. It is important now to see outside the box because actually the box no longer exists as it was burned in the fire 🔥😉. Now you can truly see what the box 📦 was hiding. It is time to look carefully at all those thoughts, beliefs, behaviours etc that are both yours, and others, and filter through what is left to find what is worth keeping. What has survived? It is time to get real with yourself and see the true you. This is the only way you can move forward and create something different, otherwise it will be the same again with the same results. Spirit knows this can be traumatic. Like losing everything in a fire there is a period of shock and grief before the human spirit jumps into action in order to survive. Through the losses you can see what is left-your true essence. Give yourself a hug, be gentle with yourself and love yourself enough to create something new from what is left. There is a lot of angelic 👼 help available. Ask for help and then allow the answers to come into your heart ♥️. If you have to do this numerous times that’s okay. Trust that over time you will rise above the ashes so to speak and the new growth that you have created will be much brighter and more brilliant than you can imagine. New growth takes time so please be patient. Let the angels 👼 and ascended masters help you through the pain so that you can find peace 🕊 through the many negative emotions that may rise to the surface. You will get through this. We are all in this process just varying degrees. This is about healing. You too may have been burned. Trust the process. Support and be kind to others. Be open to change.


November 26,2021

Once again The Spider 🕷 appears. This card seems to have appeared a lot this last while. The Spider 🕷 is a good reminder, while we are taking a bit of a break, to find some time to continue creating what you would like to see for the future. What experiences do you want, how can you go about getting these experiences and how will it serve others. Remember that nature holds everything in balance and harmony and everything on this planet is here to maintain the balance in unique ways. You have all the tools that you need. You may require additional knowledge if you are creating something elaborate so be open to seeking new sources and resources. Life is dynamic and each day is a new day. Work on one part of your web 🕸 at a time and find joy in working in each section. Creation comes from Spirit and there is joy 🤩 associated with that. If you are not finding joy 🤩 then perhaps you need to go to another section or it may not be the right time for that section. Your web 🕸 may be interconnected with others. If your web 🕸 needs repairs you may have to fix yours first before you can assist others. Pay attention and connect with Spirit daily. Spirit will guide you. Create something new each day. Find joy 🤩 in each day. Maybe you have to let some pieces of your web go. Maybe you have to realign and reconnect your web. Maybe there are areas that need repair. Trust your intuition as to what needs to be done and where to start. Even the simplest things can bring joy 🤩. One day and one step at a time. Be grateful for each day.


November 25,2021

With so much happening the cards today are a breath of fresh air. They bring forward a sense of peace 🕊 and calmness. Take time to be in the moment. Take time today to just stop and look. 🦌 Take time to stop and ponder 🦌what may be ahead. This is a bit of a dreamy day. A day where you can just relax. A day when you can observe what is all around you. Yes it seems you have a gazillion things to do however it can be most beneficial to take a day of rest. Just enjoy the day without allowing your mind to bring in negative thoughts. Be gentle 🦌 with yourself. You need to adjust to all the changes and slowing down or resting is a great way. Take time to breathe and be grateful. Be grateful for the little things. You are where you are meant to be. Be grateful to Spirit for helping you get to where you are. Today walk quietly and spread your peacefulness and calmness. This peace 🕊 comes from Spirit. Be grateful.


November 24,2021

Another powerful card today reminding us to connect with Spirit and that Spirit is watching over us. The Eagle 🦅 connects us with the higher realms. The Eagle 🦅carries our messages to Spirit. The Eagle 🦅 soars the highest of all the raptors and asks us to take a ride on his wings and soar with him. Rise above the density on the earth and connect with the higher energies. The Eagle 🦅 is a symbol of strength, wisdom and courage. In Native American culture The Eagle 🦅 is a messenger to Creator. In the USA it stands for life, liberty and freedom. The Eagle 🦅 comes to assure us that God/Creator/Spirit can see from above and that we can connect through various ways. Find whatever way works best for you. Connect daily or as often as needed. As you continue on this journey act with love, integrity and pure intentions. Focus on what is important, use your keen vision to see the world around you, when guided to take flight then move with precision. Use the power of The Eagle 🦅 to connect with Spirit and the strength, courage and wisdom of the Creator. Fly high, be brave abd believe in yourself. Trust that God heard your prayers and is watching over us from on high. There is hope in every day. Trust Spirit.


November 23,2021

Some really powerful messages this week 😳. Today The Merlin 🔮appears,and is likely to disappear and reappear in another place, as that is what The Merlin 🔮does. He is able to be in different worlds simultaneously and that is how he is able to adjust and make changes as he sees the highest good and knows that to maintain harmony and balance one must sometimes have to remove yourself from the present while still being connected. The Merlin connects with Source and brings forth our inner wisdom which is our spiritual/intuitive connection and brings it to the present. As above, so below. The Merlin 🔮 knows that balance in all things is important and that in order to return to balance there must be change. One might need to learn other skills and in order to do that it is important to listen to your intuition as it will guide you in where you need to go, what you need to do and who you need to meet. The Merlin 🔮 also knows that truth is vital and through our openness to see the truth we can see far greater than we can imagine. The Merlin 🔮 also knows that the Universe knows,and sees, the bigger picture and that harmony and balance are always reestablished. It may take time and it certainly requires patience 🙃. Stay calm and find your inner balance. Put your oxygen mask on first and then you can help others. Pay attention to your visions and dreams. Ask questions, consult with your guides 😇. Be calm. Be kind. Be patient. This is your power. Use all your senses to collect knowledge. Knowledge comes from many sources, physical and ethereal. We are all connected. Believe in yourself. Believe in the magic 🔮.

💜🙏✨ 🍎 🗡 🔮 🌀🦄 ♾

November 22,2021

As there may be a lot coming at up this week, and for a few weeks ahead actually, it is comforting to know that Spirit is watching over us and will be connecting with us. Be open to watching for signs along the way. What have you been pondering about lately? What keeps coming up that you are unsure about? What concerns you? For some of us there is a lot happening and we are feeling like we are experiencing some turbulence beneath our wings. Let Spirit be the wind beneath your wings. Spirit will help you to stay steady and find the calmness. The Hawk brings you messages and signs from Spirit. Stay connected with Spirit while at the same time remaining grounded. With all the winds (energies) unpredictable right now you will need to keep your feet firmly planted on the ground in order to stop yourself from the swirling vortex 🌪 of your mind. Stay calm, stay grounded and breathe. Pay attention for signs and connect with your thoughts at the time to see what you were thinking of. If you have a question or concern you would like some guidance on, ask the question in your morning prayers/meditation and then for the next three days pay attention for signs, synchronicities and “coincidences “. It is okay to repeat the question if you have not received guidance in a few days. You can also ask for a stronger message if you prefer. Spirit listens. Like The Hawk, Spirit has the higher perspective and bigger picture. It may be a little bumpy at times however learn to spread your wings and enjoy the moment. If you tense with fear then you block your connection and may not be able to think, hear or see as clearly. Stay calm. Ride the winds of change. Trust Spirit. Spirit is the wind beneath your wings.


November 21,2021

Two anchor cards appear to guide us through this week. Movement is happening even though it may not be visible at this time. Under the surface things are settling which helps to dispel the murkiness and thus allowing us to see more clearly as to what has been hidden. The way forward is through connection with Spirit, yourself and the collective consciousness. This week give thanks and be grateful for all that is and all that you do have. Know that your efforts have not gone unnoticed and God is shining His loving and powerful light✨ on you, and us. This light will help to dissolve the mists and help us to see clearly and guide us forward. Take time daily to pray 🙏/meditate,take a nature walk 🌲 or do whatever works for you to give thanks and remain grounded. Staying grounded and in a calm space right now is much needed. As you feel the energies of love 💜 and light ✨ filling your cup and bringing you strength and courage to continue on, also take a moment to send this love 💜 🦄 and light ✨energy to someone else or to the world if you feel so guided. This week surrender to Spirit and ask how you can best serve for the highest good of all. Signs, symbols etc may be subtle now so listen to your intuition and inner wisdom. Trust that all is well. This is part of the healing process and healing takes time. Be patient and enjoy the moment. Allow thoughts, feelings, etc to come up so that you can acknowledge them and offer them up to God for healing. You are loved 💜✨.

“May the long time sun shine upon you. All love surround you , and the pure light within you , guide your way on”. Irish Blessing☘️ 🙏


November 20,2021

As we move into a time of changes, and make adjustments to the changes we have made within ourselves and in our physical environment, we have cleared the path for us to continue to move ahead. Changes, rebirth and new paths do have some Risk. Risk can be scary if you let it. Remember that your angels 👼 and guides are always with you and are available if you need help. New learning and new experiences require patience. Be patient with yourself. You have a choice which way you want to go, you always have choice. Your angels 👼 may send you signs to guide you which way would be best however it is up to you in the end. All paths will lead you to where you need to go. Some may just be more circuitous than others 😉. Stepping out and taking a Risk takes courage and you do have that courage. Believe in yourself. Stay grounded and in the moment and take one day at a time. This is very important right now as at times you may feel bombarded with energies, information and perhaps even people trying to persuade you into making different choices. Stay strong and allow yourself time to digest all that comes to you. You may have to walk this path alone at times. Stand in your truth and gather information as needed. Truth and knowledge are your power. Remember that you are a light worker. Shine your light as you go forward. Be gentle on yourself. Even at times when you feel low, and there will be these times, remember that even the faint flicker of a candle 🕯 is enough light. You can do this and you will get through this. Trust your intuition and trust Spirit. God has a plan and He knows your struggles. Allow Him to comfort and guide you. 🙏✨. Continue to meditate, pray and do something that brings you joy 🤩 each day.


November 19,2021

Through the night we had a lunar eclipse in Taurus ♉️. It was almost 3 1/2 hours long so unusual and a lengthy one indeed. Taurus asks us to look inside and find what really matters to us. The other player in this is Scorpio ♏️ which can dig up some “stuff” from the deep and keep us stuck in the old ways so to speak. To help us break the old cycles and find out what we truly want, need and desire we have The Spider 🕷 come forward to help us. Have you sat down yet and drawn a web? It really does help to do this as you can look at it when you are having moments of uncertainty and get yourself back on track. Things will be different from here on. What we knew and how we did things will be up for review and changed as needed. You will need to create how you want to move through this and what you will need in the future. Your web 🕸 may have been destroyed and you may need to start all over again or make repairs. Only you can decide and before repairing or recreating you must first go deep and find what is truly important to you. Make your values the centre portion of your web and from there you can decide how you can achieve these values, what experiences you need and how you can serve others. Even though a lot of us are not Spider 🕷 fans it is important to remember that nature has many living plants and creatures all with a specific function and all work together to keep balance and harmony in nature. Humans too have to get back into balance. Recreating and redesigning in partnership with Spirit is what is required now. Your web 🕸may not be perfect however it is your web 🕸 and it is up to you to make the necessary adjustments in order to make it uniquely you. Others webs 🕸 will be different as they have a different purpose. Like the strands on a web we are all connected. What affects one affects all so when creating your web keep in mind how you can serve others. It is important now that we come back into balance and connect with other strands to create a world that is in balance. Trust your intuition as to what you need to create that will serve your highest good and the highest good of all. If we work together we can create a web 🕸 that will be beneficial for all. It starts within you, from deep within your heart and soul, and from there it can grow and connect with others. Be patient. Creation takes time. Strands may be broken along the way. Maybe they are fixed, maybe not. Allow God to help you decide.


November 18,2021

Okay here we go. Major changes seem to be the theme of this week and for the weeks ahead. Starting tomorrow eclipse season begins and I found out this morning that there are electrical storms for the next month. Lately there has been a lot of solar flares as well. All of these events making changes in the atmosphere affecting us internally and externally whether we are conscious of it or not. Not surprising that the card today is Death. Death is an omen of major shifts and changes. Death is a bit of a shock wave to bring about changes in thoughts, beliefs, behaviours etc. Major changes and upsets help us to change especially when we have not been able to for whatever reasons. Sometimes a shock ⚡️ is what is needed to give us the momentum to change. Major change brings in the grieving process. Grieving is difficult however it does help us to go deep within ourselves to see what is our truth and to understand who we are and where we have come from. Grieving helps us to clean our internal house and clear emotional baggage 🐸.From there we can begin to heal. Healing is what is needed. Love 💜 is what is needed. Through these next few weeks it will be important to remain grounded and in the moment. Stay calm and centered as, as things rise to the surface, allow them to come up to be healed and let go. Send them to Spirit. Even though this may be a difficult time look at it from a positive point of view of healing and being able to return to a state of balance and harmony. When feeling overwhelmed remember the mantra “I am the light. I am the love. I am the truth. I am”. This mantra is comforting to the soul and can help you find the calm in the storm as you are the light, the love and the truth and your soul knows that. See these changes as a positive step in the right direction. Be brave. Be kind. Be compassionate. You have the power to change and weather the storm. Believe in yourself. Trust Spirit. ✨🙏


November 17,2021

The Bard has more stories to tell. His stories tell of times past. His stories often contain lessons if we choose to listen. Things that happened in the past can help us with the future. It is often better to listen and learn from someone else’s story then have to endure the pain yourself. The Bard loves to entertain so you may have to sort through some of the story to find the truth as The Bard so does like to add his own fluff to keep you focused and entertained. He may sing 🎵 of things that seem unreal and perhaps unbelievable. The Bard offers you up food for thought. He brings stories from around the world as well as sacred texts. There is often a moral to every story which allows you the opportunity to ponder what you have heard as well as opening your heart and mind to explore other possibilities and look at similarities in your own life. Each story often has a cast of characters each with different roles and perspectives. Pay attention to which character you are drawn to as this may lead to you understanding more about who you are and what you believe. The other message from The Bard is about creating your own story and putting it forth through whatever method calls to you. This may be writing ✍️, singing 🎶, dancing 💃,painting 🎨 or truly anything that is creative. Have fun creating your story. Find joy 🤩 in your creation. We certainly need more joy 🤩 right now. Your story may benefit others. The stories of others may help you. Share your stories. Join together into a community that can assist each other through their stories. We are here to help each other. Through our stories we can come together to find comfort, joy 🤩 and peace 🕊. Together we can find the strength and help each other. What will your story be?


November 15,2021

The card today is Love ❤️. I want to start out with a quote I have seen a couple of times lately which says it all.

“When the power of love overrules the love of power, then the world will know peace”. Gandhi

It is so important right now to open your heart ♥️ to allow Love 🧡 in and also to send it out to others. In case you hadn’t noticed yet the world is a bit mixed up right now. Love 💛 is a balancing and healing force and comes from Spirit. It is given to us to share. There are many people hurting right now and we may be feeling helpless however we can send Love 💚. Make it part of your daily meditation/prayer routine. Take a moment to focus on your heart, or heart chakra, feel the Love 💙 of God in your heart. Feel the Love 💜 for yourself (it may bring tears to your eyes ) and then send that Love 🤍 out to the Universe. Picture that Love ❤️ surrounding others , the earth and anything else that comes to mind. . Picture that Love 🧡 even surrounding those who have hurt you. Often it is those that hurt others who need the Love 💛 the most as they are hurting inside. Love💚 means accepting others for who they are despite differences. We are all here for a reason. We all have our own purpose. We are all here to learn from each other. Often our greatest lessons are learnt from our toughest times. Love 💙 goes on for infinity and beyond. Love 💜 has the power to transform. Today and every day take a moment to send Love 🤍, say something kind to someone, smile at someone, or do an act of kindness. Love ❤️ is unconditional and does not judge. Treat others as you would want to be treated. Be Love 🧡. Lead by example. You are Loved 💛. Love 💜, light ✨ and blessings 🙏.


November 14,2021

The theme of getting rid of old thoughts, beliefs, behaviours, people, places and things continues this week. The Frog 🐸 is the anchor card this week. The things, things being all the categories above, you are holding on to often have deep emotional attachments perhaps even from childhood. As we continue to uncover and review all these emotions and attachments it can be difficult. Take yourself back to where you feel this all started and if it is from childhood look carefully at it. You are an adult now and can see the situation from an adult perspective and from a different direction. Give your younger self a big hug and take the leap from where you were to where you are going with the understanding that you are different now and that you are an adult and can handle it. Find your inner strength and courage to leave the past behind. Yes your past experiences do affect who you are however they need not control the future. Only you can allow them to control the future. Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity as per Albert Einstein. Your thoughts are powerful. If you want to change your life first you need to make the decision to make changes and then take action. Only you can change you. The only thing keeping you on the same lily pad is you. This week take time to do a deep clean. Often when you clean your house, or even just a drawer or closet, you will come across things that invoke these emotions. This can be helpful especially if they are buried amongst the rubble so to speak. Allow your emotions, find where they emanate from and then let the gentle flow of the water energy, cleanse it, heal it, and take it away. What do you want to replace it with? What can you do to allow this new emotion/thought etc into your life? This may require setting boundaries (some Cat 🐈 energy slinking in here 😉). Love yourself enough to set boundaries so that others don’t keep pushing you off your lily pad. Change requires commitment especially to yourself. Healing requires change. When you are feeling overwhelmed take time to get grounded and in the present moment. This week take one thing at a time. Trying to multi task may be overwhelming and lead you off course. One day at a time. Stay present, stay grounded. Go with the flow. Let your intuition guide you.


November 13,2021

As you continue to look at various aspects of your life and Let Go of things that no longer are for your highest good you will begin to reveal your true values. You will see what is truly important to you and from there you will be able to set healthy boundaries. The Cat 🐈 knows himself/herself very well and does not accept anything that isn’t for his/ her highest good. The Cat 🐈 values his/her freedom. Once you know your truth and values then you will be more able to see what you are willing to accept or what you need to walk away from. It can be difficult at first to hold boundaries however at the same time it can be easier as now you know what the truth is and that never changes. The energies are working with us to help us connect with our higher selves and with Source so that we can see the truth and take responsibility for our lives. This is about your independence and being able to be resilient. The Cat 🐈 does fall at times however he/she always lands on his/her feet. You may not be quite as agile yet however trust that you too will land on your feet in the end. You will learn how to adjust in ways that don’t compromise what is your truth and what you value. Sometimes you may need to go it on your own. The Cat 🐈 brings you confidence in yourself. Be accountable and take responsibility for your own actions. If you allow others to cross your boundaries then you lose your independence. The Cat 🐈 is very aware of it’s surroundings. Be aware of what is happening around you. Sometimes you just need to be patient and watch, sometimes you will need to take action. The Cat 🐈 also knows when he/she needs to fight to defend itself. The Cat 🐈 is a survivor and so can you be. Trust your intuition to guide you. The Cat 🐈 gains respect through being itself and being it’s authentic and true self. It is time for you too to stand in your truth and be independent. Be an example to others. Walk quietly and gently however be prepared to stand your ground if needed.


November 12,2021

Another repeat card. There seems to be a lot of those lately. Hmmm 🤔. Today we are once again reminded that there is Movement. You may not notice anything as the surface is still, however, under the surface there is constant shifting and changing as there is activity there, you just can’t see it. If you tune in energetically however you will be able to feel it. It will be subtle so pay attention in your body where you are feeling any sensation and what these sensations are. Everyone is different. Trust your intuition. Right now there is no need to do anything except hold the light and stay in a calm space. The occasional ripple may come your way however you will not get soaked, a little damp perhaps however nothing you cannot handle. Again look at what emotions come up for you. See the root cause and then let this emotion/thought/belief, be the pebble you cast to the water and watch rhe ripples disappear. You no longer need that stone 🪨 to hold you down. You are free to float now as with each pebble you cast out of your sack 👜the lighter you will feel. This is all part of the healing process. We all need to heal. The process looks different for everyone as each person sees through their own lens of experience. Peace and calmness is required now. Hold the space. Feel the peace 🕊 and calmness that comes from Spirit and send it back out along with a large dollop of love💜. Extend kindness to others as needed. Accept others for who they are. No two pebbles are alike. You will know when Movement is needed in your own life. Listen to your heart and listen to Spirit. We are approaching the end of another cycle. There are more changes to come. Stay grounded, stay centered, and stay calm.


November 11,2021

🌺 Lest we forget. Say a prayer and send love to all those that have served our country to fight for our freedom and continue to do so.

As we go through the process of Letting Go, the process of change and transformation, Spirit wants you to that you may experience many emotions through this change. Spirit will help you to get through this. Keep in mind that your emotions come up to help you see areas of your life that need to be cleared or that require adjustments. Your emotions are your GPS system and helps direct you where you need to go. Your emotions can overwhelm you at times. The Water Faery 💧 🧚‍♂️ will guide you to these emotions as well as help you to allow them to flow through. Let Go of control of yourself and others and be a gentle flow of kindness and compassion. Trust that you will get through this. “If God brings it to you, He will bring you through it. Love💜, light✨ and blessings 🙏now and always.


November 10,2021

Are you Letting Go or are you resisting? It seems there may be a few still holding on tight to that which no longer serves you. 🤔The anchor card, Letting Go, jumped out of the deck today. Really take time to look at EVERYTHING in your life. This includes material goods, relationships, beliefs etc etc. If you no longer like them, use them or need them, or believe them any longer then Let Go. See it not as a loss but allowing others to get pleasure from them. Relationships that are no longer healthy may need boundaries or perhaps you need to put some distance between you. This may be temporary or permanent. It is important to clear out things in your life now so that you can leave room for new things to come in. Use the power and intuitive skills of The High Priestess and the powerful energies of the eclipse that is upcoming to discern what is right for you. Sometimes you just have to do it. Be aware of overthinking. There are a lot of angels and powerful ascended masters around us right now who are ready, willing and able to help and are honoured to do so. God understands that Letting Go is difficult as it involves a loss and the grieving process. See this as a positive step. It’s time to get back to what really counts. Love, compassion and kindness. It is hard to connect with these attributes when your life is too cluttered with other things. This is a time of profound changes and there will be some bumps and turbulence ahead. Be determined to stay the course and hold strong. You can do this. Stay grounded. Stay in the present. Stay calm. Pray 🙏. Help is only a prayer away. The power of prayer is powerful and it is within you. Be prepared and help others along the way. Be love. Be kind. Be brave and trust Spirit. Let Spirit take you where you need to go. Surrender and Let Go to the power of God. The power of love.


November 9,2021

There is no need to fear what is ahead. You are Protected along the way. Check in with your heart ♥️ to see what your intent is for the future. As you continue to add threads to the web 🕸 take a moment with each idea, with each thought 💭 to focus on your heart ♥️ and see the why of what you want to do. Ask yourself why you want to do this and how will it affect you and others around you. The web 🕸 is like a symbol of the Universe. The web 🕸 of life so to speak. We are all connected in this web so what affects one will affect all 🌀. That includes emotions and thoughts 💭 as well. If you put out fear then fear is out in the collective and that is what comes back to you, and others. So as you go through the day spinning your web 🕸, your vision for the future, your thoughts 💭 and desires for the future, keep your thoughts positive and full of love 💜and light✨. How will this vision serve and support others? Ask Spirit to help you see. Know that what is meant for you is Protected for you. It will come at just the right time and place. It may not be quite like your vision. God may have some adjustments in mind. The Spider 🕷 is able to adjust its web 🕸 as needed to make it better. You may need to as well. Listen to your intuition regarding changes. It may not seem right to you at the time however in time you will see the benefits. Most of all find joy 🤩 in your creations and in your journey. Joy is the light ✨and is the energy needed right now.

Love💜, light✨, joy 🤩 and blessings🙏

💜🙏 ✨ 🍎 🗡🔮🌀🦄♾

November 8,2021

To help you see what you need to Let Go of, today The High Priestess comes to help. She will help you to discern what you need and what you don’t need. She will help you see the truth 🗡behind emotions and beliefs. It may not be comfortable at times to see the truth 🗡, in fact it might be down right uncomfortable, however it is important. Once you see the truth 🗡then you can begin to make the adjustments needed. Keep in mind that the truth 🗡, is the truth 🗡, is the truth🗡. The truth 🗡never changes. If the story keeps changing then you have not yet uncovered the truth🗡. The truth 🗡does set you free. 🐎. The High Priestess also wants you to know that there is a lot of love 💜, light✨ and magic 🔮 in the air these days. Your intuition is heightened. Pay attention to signs, symbols and synchronicities. Times they are a changing. The High Priestess embodies the divine feminine energy of love💜, light✨ and nurturing. Love 💜yourself, love 💜others and be kind. Love 💜is the ultimate healer❤️‍🩹. Whether you are biologically male or female it is time to open your heart to the power of the feminine energies. We all have both. Find joy 🤩 and gratitude 🙏 each day. Trust the magic🔮. Trust your intuition. Keep your vision for the future alive and send it to God. How can you best serve? Let God and your angels 👼 sort out the details. Follow the magic 🔮. Connect with Spirit✨. We are all one. What affects one affects all. Let that be love 💜.


November 7,2021

Letting Go is the anchor card for this week. You can see where this is going 🤔. This week as memories, thoughts, beliefs, people, places and things come into our conscious awareness there is a good chance that emotions will be attached. Anything and everything is on the table. Trust that what comes up for you is what you need to look at. Take time to get grounded and in a calm and centered space and truly look at what emotion flows by, and what does it mean. What are the emotions trying to get you to see? Our emotions are our internal guidance system which tries to steer us in the right direction. It is difficult at times to see this when you are seemingly dropped over a cliff and plummet any number of feet to the pool below. Keep in mind when that happens it is designed to heighten your awareness. As humans we want to be in control of our emotions and we want to pretend that all is“fine” when perhaps it’s not. If you continue to resist the truth the same lessons will continue to present themselves in different ways. Allow the emotions. It’s okay to cry and be sad, it’s okay to be angry. Use these intense emotions to help you see where you need to go and what boundaries you need to set in order to regain your power and be your authentic self. . You do have the power within,God has given you that at birth. . Use it for the highest good of all. Know your angels 👼 and guides ✨are with you all the way. The flow of water is dynamic, as is life. It is forever changing and so is life. We are entering into our first eclipse this month. Eclipses are transformative. Let Go of things that are holding you back so you can flow freely and unencumbered as the energies assist us to transition and transform. Allow the flow of water/ life to take you where you need to go. Trust the process. Let Go and let God. Difficult times bring the greatest transformation. There is Divine support at this time. This light, this support is taking us where we need to go. Believe in yourself. Believe in the magic 🔮🦄.


November 6,2021

We end the week as we began. The Queen 👑 returns. Rise up and take your power back. Walk forward with confidence. Don’t be fooled. Others may try to convince you of all sorts of things. Use your critical thinking and your feminine intuition to guide you to see any deception. Stay calm and in the moment. Don’t be pressured. Take time to make a decision and check out the details. How did you handle things in the past?Perhaps it’s time to find a new way because as our vibrations change the old ways may not work as well. The Queen 👑 is innovative. Let go of control. Trying to control others never works out well. Others have a right to their own mind. Listening with an open heart and sending love is your power and best defence. Send them love and honour their opinions and choices. Let God decide how best for them to learn. You are wise. Use your inner wisdom, kindness and intuition to guide you. Listen to your heart. God and your angels 👼 will guide you. Trust. Believe in yourself and the power and courage to change.

Namaste 🙏


November 5,2021

The things that you hang on to that no longer serve your best interests are a Burden. If a tree were to hold on to its leaves 🍁 every fall then there would not be room for new ones to grow. Spirit is very much aware that, as humans, we are afraid of letting go as we think these things bring us safety, certainty and security. We like those attributes however we may be hanging on a little too tight right now. Why? Because life does seem to be full of doubts, fears, insecurities etc right now and all those things cloud our thinking and then we can’t see the forest through the trees 🌳 so to speak. Now more than ever we need to trust that the Universe has our back. You chose to be here at this time of change to assist with the evolution and ascension. It is a little more difficult to do that if you are carrying a Burden that weighs you down and limits how high you can go. It requires a lot more strength, effort and endurance to carry a sack full of rocks 🪨. Once you let go things will fall 🍁 away as they are meant to and then you will be able to see clearer and rise above. All is as it is meant to be. That may be hard to see right now however go within and search deep into your soul and you will understand. Seasons change and so must we. The energies of this new moon 🌚 are still with us and will provide opportunities for us to acknowledge and clear our Burdens. Acknowledge what comes up, feel the emotions however then allow the gentle breeze to blow the emotions through you and up to the Universe and God. A little PS here 😉😁 some of you, or some things, may need a stronger breeze 🌪. Do not fear you are protected and what needs to come up will. It comes up for you to review and release. Forgiveness for yourself and others may be required. Gratitude for all that others have taught you and all you have learned is needed. Often our toughest times bring us the greatest lessons and allow us to see things differently so we can move on. Trust the process.

💜🙏✨🍎🗡🔮 🌀🦄 ♾

November 4,2021

Today is the day I was guided to choose The Keepers of the Light card (Kyle Gray). The magic 🪄 never ceases to amaze me. 💜😳

King 👑 Arthur was the embodiment of the ascended master, El Morya. El Morya helps us to see if what we are hearing or seeing is real. Along with the ability to assist with discernment, which The High Priestess helps with as well, he also awakens us to our Divine I AM presence which is our connection with our soul and the Universe 💫. El Morya also protects us. Cleanse your aura and ask him and/or archangel Michael to wrap you in their cloak of protection. As him to protect others if you feel so guided. Connect with Spirit and detach from dramas and anything else that no longer serves you or places, people, emotions, beliefs. Are you facing fears? Call on your angels 👼 and El Morya to help you face your fears and see the truth as this will strengthen your connection and universal force. May the Force be with you ✨

“I AM the light✨. I AM the love💜. I AM the truth🗡. I AM “

November 4,2021

💫New Moon 🌚 Blessings 💫

As we enter into the powerful energies of the new moon in Scorpio ♏️ it will be important to stay calm and really listen with an open mind, and heart ♥️, to what is coming up for you, what information is coming to you and what actions are happening around you. You will need to stay calm and listen with discernment in order to hold your power. Others may be trying to dethrone 👑 you. You are new at this so it may be easy to be fooled however you do have the power of The Queen 👑 with you this week and flanked today my The High Priestess. Powerful feminine energy indeed this week. The High Priestess helps you to use your internal wisdom and intuition to discern truth as well as help you to envision a beautiful future that you so desire and deserve. Hold on to your vision, stand in your power and believe in the magic 🔮. Along with The High Priestess today we have The Novice. This helps to balance male and female energy. Move forward with courage and kindness, take action yet be gentle with yourself. Mistakes will be made however through these “mistakes” we will learn lots about ourselves and others. There is definitely magic 🔮 and change 🦋in the air. The air is swirling, the water is rippling and the earth is your grounding force. Courage, calmness, intuition and forgiveness(for yourself and others) are required now and for the next few months. Be the warrior of light ✨and venture out in to the unknown. Hold your vision and follow your intuition. No matter what happens be determined to follow your vision. Be the light 🕯 for others along the way. We are all transforming, we are all changing 🦋 . Don’t allow the sting of Scorpio ♏️ to set you back or define who you are. Send love 💜 ✨ and walk away.

Love 💜, light ✨ and blessings 🙏🦄


November 3, 2021

We are about to take a deep dive, a plunge actually, and this will cause some Movement. It will begin slowly however may be a little bumpy at times. The energies of the new moon 🌚 in Scorpio ♏️ tomorrow and other planetary 🪐 alignments will be at play. This may mean that you take a deep dive into your emotions. Like The Butterfly 🦋 we will be going into our cocoon phase, like the dark night, and the transformation begins. This transformation will leave you coming out more beautiful however we will all need to go through some turbulent waters in order to get to the other side. It is important to remember that you have Protection as you go through these times. The Universe 💫 has your back. This could be in the form of friends, angels and, of course, God. This is a time to remember who you are and where you came from. This is a time of transformation that will help you gain confidence and rise up and claim your power. The anchor card this week, The Queen 👑, is our reminder that what will come in the next few months is to help us find our power and stand up for what is for the highest good of all. There is beauty at the far end. Trust nature and the process of transformation. This is necessary. Find a calm space and/or activity daily. When you find yourself in darkness breathe and know there are beautiful things coming. Intuition is very heightened now. Listen to your heart. Trust the process. Most of all be kind and compassionate to yourself and others as we go through these changes. Ride the waves 🌊. You can do this. Believe in yourself. Believe in the magic🔮🦄


November 2,2021

There is Movement beginning. It will start with a small ripple and over the next few months it may become a little more intense. You may find yourself bobbing up and down a bit more as shifts and changes in the energies happen. These shifts and changes are necessary for healing of yourself and others, as well as the world. These shifts and changes are needed for our ascension and evolution. Be mindful during this time. Know that shifts and changes allow you to see things differently and also help you to clear old debris that may be causing a dam and stopping you from releasing old baggage. Knowing this will be happening over the next few months will be helpful to keep you calm. Stay in a calm space when you are feeling some turbulence. This will help you and others. It may be easy to get in a panic during these times. Panic is fear based. Don’t go there. Breathe or do any activity which brings you calmness and brings you back to the neutral mind. Right now things are peaceful and quiet. Prepare to go with the flow. Life is a spiral 🌀 and it ebbs and flows. Be the calm in the storm 🌪 💨. Trust. Have faith. 🙏✨ Spirit of Avalon suggests that,to prepare, it may be beneficial for some to create a physical space where you can go to quiet yourself and soothe your soul. A room or area of the house that you can claim for you. Take time now to go there regularly so that when the waves do get more intense you are prepared and can ride the waves more easily. Make this place a safe place for you. Allow others in the home to do the same. Help one another. Be kind to one another 💖.


November 1,2021

Continuing with the anchor theme of The Queen 👑 and listening to peoples stories…..Today two cards jumped out, The Bard and The Owl 🦉. The Bard is our wandering minstrel who tells stories through various forms. Stories that are often embellished in order to draw in an audience. These stories are often based on real life events however as they are repeated they tend to get altered bit by bit until there may be only a shred of truth left and even that may no longer be accurate. The Owl 🦉 swoops in to help us see areas that may be deceiving or simply don’t make sense. The Owl 🦉 helps us to see through the threads of deception so that we can use our critical thinking skills that we are born with. The Owl 🦉 has a great ability to see into the darkness and he/she can use his/her quick thinking skills to alter course mid flight if needed. If the object he/she is observing tries to swerve to fool him/her, The Owl 🦉 is able to adjust course and see the deception. Sometimes The Owl 🦉 catches its prey and sometimes not however The Owl 🦉 does not give up. It tries everyday as it needs its skills to survive. When listening to The Bard use the wisdom of The Owl 🦉 to discern what is truth and what is partial truth and what is just outright embellishment. Enjoy the show but don’t be fooled. Trust your intuition and use your internal wisdom to shine light into the darkness. The Owl will help you see.


Boo! 👻. 🎃 👻 🕷 Samhain blessings 🕷👻🎃. Blessings on this all hallowed eve 🎃 Happy Halloween 🎃👻🕷

As we end this month take time to honour and celebrate those that have passed on. If possible light a candle 🕯 in memory of them. Thank them for being part of your life and for the lessons and blessings they taught you and brought you. Be grateful for the harvest and abundance you do have.

The Queen 👑 holds court with us today. Seems we are having a fairly Royal weekend. 👑😁 There is a lot happening with friendships and relationships right now. There is a lot of tension in the air as divisions are arising. The Queen 👑 is aware of these and asks that you proceed with love in your heart. The Queen takes time to listen to all sides of the story before she reacts. It may be a good idea to picture yourself as The Queen 👑, or The King 👑, today and step out of your situation and see it from an outsider point of view. Breathe and get into a neutral state of mind. Listen with your heart and ask Spirit to help you hear. Ask Spirit to help you listen without judgement. Ask Spirit to help you hear with compassion and understanding. You have the ability to create a new way. This may mean getting rid of some of your old thoughts and beliefs however that is necessary in order to create something new. The birthing/creation process can have its difficulties however it is well worth it in the end. Changes cannot be made if you continue to do things the same way. This will mean coming out of your comfort zone. Be kind and compassionate with yourself and others as we proceed into unknown territory. Rise up to a higher level and act with integrity. Treat others with dignity and respect. In order to be respected you also need to respect others. Everyone has a story. It is not up to The Queen 👑 to change the story as that is not in her power. Her power is in listening, understanding and helping others to accept others and work together for the highest good of all. With the energies of Samhain 👻 today you may also get advice from those who have crossed over. Who knows. Today anything is possible 😳🎃👻. Go forward knowing that things are changing and that you have the power of Spirit in you and around you. You have the power to change if you so desire. See the world from God’s point of view. That would be from the point of view of love and compassion.✨

Blessings 🙏


October 30,2021

As we begin to head into the darker times of the year it is also a time to go within and seek wisdom. The King 👑 is our guide today. The King has a place of authority because of his wisdom and the desire to be fair and just to all parties. This can be a difficult task at times as there is often a lot of things to consider. The King 👑 takes counsel from Spirit especially when there is much to be considered. The King 👑 will fight for justice for his people. In order to do this he must put his own beliefs aside and see through the eyes of others. From there he can bring in his own wisdom, and God’s wisdom, and solutions can be found. In order for solutions to work they need to be beneficial to all. Imposing anything only leads to discontent. The King 👑 must remain in a neutral mind in order to make a decision that is best for all. It is important that he makes decisions based on love for his people and each individual. In order to gain respect, and for his people to trust him, he needs to be fair and just. Sometimes that means The King 👑 must fight for what is right in order to bring freedom and justice ⚖️ to all. Look at these principles from the lens of your life. Are you prepared to fight for justice for all? What in your life is important to you and worth fighting for? Ask Spirit for help and trust that He will show you the way through his wisdom and grace. As with The Eagle 🦅, The King 👑 acts with integrity and knows that the power comes from the heart ♥️ . This takes courage. See through the lens of love💜. Be strong, be brave, be firm and be kind. Listen to Spirit and the wisdom within. Trust that justice ⚖️ will prevail.


October 29,2021

The Eagle 🦅. Another reminder that Spirit is watching over you and hears your prayers. Just in my own close circle of friends recently I have witnessed the power of prayer 🙏 and it never ceases to blow me away. The Eagle 🦅 is the messenger who takes our prayers to Spirit. Like The Hawk, The Eagle 🦅 sees from a higher perspective. The Eagle 🦅 has the keenest eyesight of all the raptors and sees from the greatest distance. The Eagle 🦅 focuses on its prey and can quickly make a decision and calculate its trajectory however can also make adjustments as needed mid flight. The message is that it is time to focus on what you desire and begin your approach knowing that it may be necessary to make adjustments at times. With the power of the Universe behind you, you can do this. Take time to look at what it is you want, how you can go about achieving it, and, the most important part, why do you want this. What benefit will it bring to others? As well as power, The Eagle 🦅 is a powerful reminder to act with integrity at all times. Integrity is behaving in an honest manner and holding on to the moral values . Moral values are compassion, acceptance, forgiveness, equality, fairness and gratitude, to name a few. The Eagle 🦅 is also a symbol of courage and freedom. Have the courage to take flight and find your freedom. It may look different than you imagined however keep in mind that you are seeing it from a higher perspective, through the eyes of God. Courage takes trust. Trust that Spirit is watching over you. Allow Spirit to guide you in mid flight. Use your intuition to know when to take flight and use your mind to recalculate along the way. Life is continuously changing 🌀 and it’s important to be able to adjust to new situations and information as it comes to you. Spirit/God/Source/The Creator or whatever name you use for a higher power, is the wind beneath your wings.


October 28, 2021

As you venture out into your adventure Spirit✨ wants you to know that you are being watched over. The Hawk delivers this message today and he also delivers messages from your guides and Spirit✨. The Hawk sees things from a higher perspective and so has a better view of what is around you and what lies ahead, as does God✨. The Hawk will help to guide you through screeches, a pretty and unique stone, cloud ☁️ formations, dropping feathers 🪶 or other subtle ways. Watch for those signs along the way. What signs does Spirit and your angels use to communicate with you? Often you will have more than one. Listen to your intuition and be mindful of coincidences and synchronicities. The Hawk also brings the message of hope. Please trust and have faith that Spirit✨ knows your situation and hears your prayers 🙏. Spirit✨ knows what is for your highest good. Spirit✨, and your angels 👼, will guide you through any challenges and direct you to which path to take. Remember you need to ask as there is a law of non-interference. Then for the next 3 days watch for signs. If you feel you haven’t received any signs then pray and ask again. Perhaps rephrase your prayer 🙏. Words are powerful so be clear. Listen to what your inner wisdom is telling you. The power of prayer is powerful. Trust that you are being guided in the right direction. The best is yet to come . Be patient. Stay calm and in a neutral state of mind. Be kind to yourself and others.

Namaste 🙏


October 27,2021

Surprise!! What lies ahead is unknown and that is why it is The Mystery. In case you are not one for surprises, or you have had enough surprises for a lifetime, I suggest you perhaps 🤔might want to change your perspective and take some advice from The Wind Faery 💨 🧚 about going with the wind and not resisting. How do you get through this ? It will all depend on your situation however the one thing not to lose focus on is to stay connected with God and Spirit. Focus on the light. Trust that God knows what is for your highest good and will guide you on your way. There will be challenging times however trusting that they are presented to you in order for you to see deeper, in order to learn , grow and evolve is important. As you journey keep focused on the light. There will be shadows around you. Acknowledge the shadows however don’t be fooled by the illusions they often bring. These illusions can come in many forms ie thoughts, events , conversations you may hear. Question them and ask Spirit to shine light on whatever it is so you can see clearly and also expose anything that may be hidden. You will have to follow your own heart ♥️ and intuition. Listen and follow your intuition, your internal light and guidance system. Ask if you are uncertain. Messages from Spirit will not give you the answer however they will be loving and will allow you to see clearly. Use your internal wisdom and trust. Stay focused on where you are going and hold your own light. Others have there own path. Take time to pray, meditate, go out in nature or any other activity that brings you into a calm and centered state in order to seek answers to your questions and seek solutions. If you are presented with many options, forks in the road, then make sure you take the time to do your research and meditate on which option resonates with you the most. The one thing I was taught early on by my guides was that the right path/choice will seem more vibrant than others. Help others find the light if they are lost. Have faith that the Universe has your back. Pay attention and be grateful for what is and find joy in this adventure. God has a plan and it is more beautiful than you can imagine. There is always hope and hope can appear in mysterious ways.


October 26,2021

🎶 “The answer, my friend, is blowin’ in the wind”🎶 (Bob Dylan and Tom Petty). That is the message of The Wind Faery 💨 🧚. Whatever is on your mind open your heart and mind and allow the wind to blow it to you. The answer will come when you need it. Until then keep your thoughts positive and trust the process. Everything has a time and a season and if things aren’t happening right now perhaps it’s not the right time. Perhaps you need to gather more information and use your mind, your intellectual self, and do some critical thinking. Especially if things have changed, or are changing, quickly for you. Thoughts may be rushing in however they are getting tossed around 🌪. It is important to calm the mind and connect your mind and your heart ♥️ do be able to determine what is best for you. Thoughts are powerful so be careful to pay attention and make sure you are not getting carried away with them. With your thoughts swirling 🌪 it can lead to you saying things that may come out harshly. Words are powerful as well and words can hurt. Make sure you speak with love even if your message needs to be said that’s okay. Choose your words wisely. Words can do a lot of damage. The damage may not be visible. If you think you have hurt or offended someone then take the high road and apologize and ask for forgiveness. It is best to be the calm in the storm. If you find yourself being tossed around like the leaves 🍁 keep in mind to just allow the wind 💨 to take you where you need to go. It can be difficult to fight against the wind. The wind brings changes. Perhaps you are being blown about because you have been hesitant or resisting and you need some upheaval to get you going. There are many scenarios. Take time to listen to The Wind Faery 💨 🧚 as she brings the answers in the wind 💨.


October 25,2021

The cards that are repeating themselves is unbelievable! 😳.

Today The Spider 🕷 returns. The message of creating your own life continues however there is also a message that we need to expand this globally as well. Take the time to build your web 🕸 however, take it to the next step by envisioning what you would like to see for the world as we enter in to a new era. Write ✍️ down all the things you would like to see in what would be a perfect world for you. Do not edit and do not judge. Take time to centre yourself first and write ✍️ down ANYTHING that comes to your mind. Keep this somewhere handy, along with the web 🕸 for your own life, so that you can look at it regularly and add to it as thoughts and ideas crawl 🕷into your mind. Each day with your meditation 🧘‍♀️/walking/creative projects/dancing/painting 🎨 etc., think of these things and put them out to the Universe. 🌎🪐✨⭐️Trust these images will go where they are needed. You can even visualize them like a movie 🎥. See your life or situation as it is now. See the world as it is now then see it changing and finally seeing what your new life and the rest of the world would be like. Send this out to Spirit. You can also take a copy of this and do a fire 🔥 ceremony if that resonates with you. Whatever you do is right for you. It is important to do something to send out positive energy. We are all connected and what affects one affects all. Use your ability to envision a world that is in harmony and lives in balance as does nature. The Spider 🕷 is not one of our favourites however everything in nature is in perfect harmony and balance and everything in nature plays an integral part. So do you. You too are part of nature. Be part of the balance. Yes you may get discouraged at times when areas of your web 🕸 are broken or destroyed however keep in mind that this may be what is needed for your highest good, and the highest good of all, and allow these things to naturally go away. Ask for help to see what is the solution and the next steps to bring back balance and harmony to your web. In doing so you bring balance and harmony to the collective energy and to the world. Let’s all decide to bring balance and harmony into our lives and send that out for the highest good of all. It takes teamwork and that starts with one individual. Others will follow as this energy is contagious. Spiders 🕷can be solitary or they can work together in a community. Allow The Spider 🕷 to guide you and help you find your own community.


October 24,2021

The Cat 🐈 is in the house again. Seems there is a lot of repeating cards these days. The Cat 🐈 is also the anchor card for the week. This week you will need to look deep inside and know what your values and truths are because you will be needing to set healthy boundaries and may be challenged to hold them. It feels this week like there may be others attempting to change your mind or get you to do something you may be unsure of. This is where knowing yourself well and knowing what is important to you comes in. If it doesn’t feel right then walk away. The Cat 🐈 is about maintaining your independence and doing what is right for you. Sometimes that may be following the crowd however The Cat 🐈 is confident enough in himself/herself to know when to walk away or change course. The Cat 🐈 takes time to see the situation or issue using its keen vision and highly intuitive nature. After seeing and collecting all the information it makes a decision. By being his/her true authentic self The Cat 🐈 gains respect and his/her integrity. This week may bring up some serious issues that you need to look at closely and perhaps hunt down any unknowns so that you have all the information you need. This is a week to hold your boundaries. Now this sounds all rather serious. The Cat 🐈 also knows when it’s time to have some fun and play so make sure you allow play time for yourself as well. The Cat 🐈 also knows about balancing work, play and rest. Balance your week. Be your authentic self and connect with Spirit if issues come up you are unsure of. Be yourself. Be gentle and kind however know when to walk away or hold the line. The Cat 🐈 is its own boss and you need to be as well. You will land on your feet. Trust the Universe. ✨

The Cat 🐈‍⬛ is often associated with magic 🔮 and with Halloween 🎃 just around the corner there is magic 🪄 in the air this week.

Be open to the magic🔮


October 23,2021

The Spider 🕷 brings us our message today. You are in charge of creating your own web 🕸. The web 🕸 is your life. Take time to make a web 🕸 on paper and make each section an area of your life and what you want in those areas. From there you write down ways to achieve these things. This web🕸 is always open for changes and redesign as needed. In order for your web 🕸 to be built you have to start making it. This starts with one strand and from there you complete each section. Sometimes you may need to pause for thought and other times you will be going on instinct. Trust whatever you need to do. The web 🕸 will not get woven unless you weave it. Others may come along and try to make their own adjustments. It is up to you, and you alone, to either allow this or not. This is your creation and you have ultimate control if you choose to use it. If you choose to let others create your web 🕸 then you may find in the end that your web 🕸 is not a place of comfort, peace 🕊 and joy 🤩. Others may even push you out of your own web leaving your discouraged and having to start over again. The Spider 🕷 defends its web 🕸 from intruders. It is time to take action and create, design and build your web 🕸. The design and creation are up to you and once that is complete you may have the opportunity to collaborate with others in certain areas as long is it is for the highest good of all. Some areas of your web may get broken and that’s okay. They were not strong enough so let them go and either rebuild those areas or create another new addition. This requires time and patience. Allow yourself the time and be patient with yourself. You may find that your creation is more beautiful than even you could imagine.


October 22,2021

An encore visit by The Cow 🐄. As the weather changes it is time to move to different pastures. This happens every year. Change 🍁 is inevitable. The message from The Cow 🐄 regarding this is that even though the pasture does not seem as lush and rich as at other times it still provides an abundance of nutrients. Important things that we need to survive. As life changes so does our needs. It is important to listen to your body, mind and soul so that you know what you need. Sometimes the pasture seems less abundant however it is always abundant in that which you need. Don’t be fooled by what is on the outside as even the driest looking grass can contain hidden treasures. Accept that we need different things at different times and trust Spirit to provide you with whatever it is you need. Use your intuition and remember to ask for help if you are uncertain. Help is always there if you ask and believe. What do you need now to nourish your body? There will be specifics for each individual however peace 🕊 , gratitude 🙏 and joy 🤩 are themes for everyone. Everyday be grateful 🙏 for what you do have, find peaceful 🕊 moments each day in whatever way works best for you and find something to do that brings you joy 🤩 . Joy 🤩 may be simply found in thoughts, dreams and memories. Use whatever tools you have in your toolbox and explore other ways as well. You can find joy 🤩 in learning and knowledge 📚 is power. Enjoy the patch of grass where you are right now and do not worry or fear if you will have enough for tomorrow. Focus on the now and find the calm centre in the present moment. Trust that you have everything that you need. Trust in Spirit. Oh yes, and do share with others if so inclined. There is abundance for all. Kindness and caring are infectious 💜🦄


October 21,2021

In order to make decisions on when to move , where to go and how fast you need to move you will first need to know your boundaries, and yourself. What are you prepared to adjust and what boundaries are immovable. This is where The Cat 🐈 comes in. The Cat 🐈 is a very independent creature and knows what it likes and doesn’t like and stands in its truth. The Cat 🐈 is highly intuitive and uses this intuition to guide himself/herself. The Cat stands strong in its boundaries as he/she is authentic and true to himself/herself. The Cat 🐈 has keen eyesight and hearing and is very stealthy. The Cat 🐈 knows when to be perfectly still and watch and wait and when it’s time to make it’s move. When the Cat 🐈 does move it can be with swiftness and decisiveness. The Cat 🐈 especially listens to its intuition in new and unfamiliar situations. The Cat 🐈 has the ability to hide and can be difficult to find if he/she is uncertain. At these times trust that The Cat 🐈 is observing and using ALL its senses to see what is truly happening and then knows when to make a move , or not. Independence to The Cat 🐈 is important. In order to be independent you need to know your own values and boundaries especially those that you are not prepared to compromise on. When faced with new situations take time to connect with Spirit and observe. Use your keen vision , intuition and connection with Spirit to see into the core, the root, of the issue. Once you have seen what is really going on you can then take action with confidence according to your truth. It is when you allow your boundaries to be altered or erased is when you lose that independence. If that has happened it is time to reconnect with Spirit and reaffirm your boundaries. That is the only way to maintain your independence. It can take some time but quietly and gently reestablishing what is important to you is necessary. Be like The Cat 🐈. Be your true an authentic self and stand in your truth. Each day right down a value or something that is important to you and then write down if this value is something you can compromise on or not, and why. Just write without editing. You may find a few surprises 😁😳. In the end you will know your true self and it will make setting healthy boundaries easier.

Late entry: The Cat 🐈 also knows when it must fight and does so to save its boundaries and acts with swiftness and veracity. The gentle kitty 🐈 can be purring on your lap one minute and turn into a ferocious and competent fighter the next because he/she knows it’s boundaries and is prepared to defend them. 💜✨


October 20,2021

🌕Full moon blessings ✨🙏🌕

Today is the full moon in Aries ♈️ and is also a blood moon. You would expect that a powerful card would arise today however instead we have the peaceful and quiet Cow 🐄. The Cow 🐄 is happy whatever pasture he/she may be in because he/she knows there is plenty of grass to go around. The Cow 🐄 also reminds us that when we are not sure what to do or where to go next that we ask for help. Send your concerns, questions, wants and desires to Spirit and then trust you will be led to just the right patch of grass that is best suited for you. It may be different for you than others because Spirit knows what you need to nourish your mind, body and soul. Sometimes you are in with the herd and other times you are by yourself. Sometimes you need to follow the herd and at other times you find the courage to venture out on your own . Trust your instincts and find the courage and knowledge (Wealth) within to find the patch of grass that suits you best. With the other planetary alignments at play during this time it may be necessary for you to separate yourself from the herd mentality, as the combination could lead to reactivity, resulting in a stampede which often leads to disastrous results. Only you know what you need to nourish your body, mind and soul in order to stay in a place of calmness. Keep yourself in a calm space. Do whatever you need to do to stop yourself from getting into the fear and anxiety of herd mentality. Infectious anxiety can lead to you not being able to connect with Spirit and your higher self. This takes courage, courage you do have within. Believe in yourself. You will need to trust your instincts and do what nourishes you best. Spirit supports you and watches over you. Find peace 🕊 and serenity in that knowledge. This full moon 🌕 brings in the courage to be you. This may mean breaking out from the herd at times. All is well.


October 19,2021

Wealth comes in many forms. The type of Wealth spoken of today is not the monetary kind. The Wealth spoken of today is that which is already within you. The Wealth of knowledge that you hold about yourself and the world around you. You have acquired this Wealth through seeking the truth, through learning. Throughout your life you have been in various situations where it seems your path is blocked or you are not sure of which way to go. Through your learning and gathering of knowledge you have found your way. You found what is truth for you and what works best for you. You have uncovered hidden truths. This time is no different. Finding what is truth and seeking your inner wisdom through knowledge can be circuitous and there can be many twists and turns. If you are determined to find your way you will find the patience and stay the course. This may mean insights that may be upsetting at times and also insights that are revealing. To learn and acquire knowledge it is important to be open to all possibilities and then you will be able to make decisions based on as much knowledge as possible. If you are not sure which way to go then take time to pause and look at all possibilities and all the pros and cons. Only through gathering information can you make a decision that aligns with your values. Perhaps you take a route that is not only less travelled but not travelled at all. Trust that you are being led to the right path for your highest good and higher learning. As you break the trail new knowledge will be revealed as you will lift the darkness and illuminate, and therefore reveal, what lies beneath the surface. As light workers we are often asked to be trail blazers. Follow your heart and know that your Wealth is also the love of God. The love that surrounds you and watches over you each and every day. You too can be a trail blazer if you so desire. If not use your Wealth of knowledge and experience to help others along the way. Joining together for the highest good of all. Working towards a common goal brings Wealth of a kind that you can’t even imagine. Know that as you struggle forth you are never alone. Spirit, your angels 👼 and guides are always with you. They send you help when needed. Help may come in unusual ways so be aware. Most important, enjoy the adventure. It may reveal amazing things. Be grateful each day for that which you do have, where you are and how far you have come. Namaste 🙏


October 18,2021

You could tell many stories about your life. As we are being guided to clear out old baggage so that we can move ahead this may be a good time to open up your creative side and tell your stories. You can do this in whatever way works best for you. Take a step, or two, or three…heck let’s go for a giant leap, back and see your story/stories from the outside looking in. Tell your story how it looks from an outsiders point of view. Make sure your story line has a beginning, middle and end. This story is about the hero’s (that’s you 😉) journey. The dilemmas faced, the tragedies that befall the hero and the victory. Even if you are still in the midst of the story and it seems like all will fail you can embellish this to your heart’s desire. See the hero/heroine succeeding and finding the solution and a better world ahead. Even if it doesn’t feel like it now that’s okay. Your mind does not distinguish between imagination and reality so believe in the wonderful possibilities and allow those possibilities into your life. Look at all the struggles the hero/heroine face and find a positive solution for all. As you step back and look at your life from an outsider point of view you gain a different perspective and from there you can make adjustments from a clearer mind and without the emotional attachment. It is often easier to see from afar or from the eyes of another. Be the eyes of the storyteller, The Bard. As each chapter of your story is told you can throw away the script which in turn lightens your load bit by bit. One chapter, one step at a time as you allow yourself to move forward and release. Trust that all is not lost. There will be victory in the end. The hero/heroine is you and the good guy/gal always wins! Dare to dream 💭. Stay positive and expect the unexpected. Spirit is with you. Love 💜, light ✨ and blessings 🙏.


October 17,2021

The Movement card comes up as the anchor card this week. Not surprising as we are entering into the energies of the full moon 🌕 in Aries ♈️ on October 20. Aries is a go getter and gets things done. As the sign of the ram 🐏 it brings in confidence and leadership and the drive to follow our passions. Aries ♈️ is a fire 🔥 sign. Fire 🔥 is a sign of action and passion however it can also be unpredictable. The Movement card is a water 💧 card so you may have to dampen down your Movement a bid. You want to take action however take time to collect your thoughts first so that you don’t act impulsively. Take action with small ripples. If you make a big splash 💦 you may just put out the fire completely. You need the flames 🔥 and the passion however in a controlled way, like a controlled burn 🔥, so that things don’t get out of control. Staying calm and centered is important. Follow your instincts on when to drop the next pebble ie make the next move. Each small step adds to the Movement. Mercury goes direct today so you may find that communication improves and that your thoughts are more organized and collected. This will help you through this week which may be unpredictable at times. Stay calm and listen to your intuition on when it is time to take action. Be at peace 🕊within. Find that peace 🕊 within daily if possible or certainly before you take action. Be at peace 🕊within whatever you decide to do. There may be some power struggles. Forewarned is forearmed. Energies are shifting and changing and the fiery sign of Aries ♈️ may add fuel to the fire 🔥. Be prepared. Be aware. Be strong. Be calm. Be kind.


October 16,2021

As we enter into the energies of the full moon 🌕 in Aries ♈️, which can bring up some very fiery and passionate energy, it seems most appropriate that The Earth Faery 🌱 🧚‍♂️ boldly leaps out of the deck today. With the heightened energies, that may get intense, it is very important this week that you remain grounded and calm. Remember your values and stick to your boundaries as a strong foundation is vital. Also you may need to think clearly if life seems to be on fast forward this week. Take time to pause and be grounded so that you make decisions or act from a clear mind. Being in a calm space is also helpful for your physical body. When you are on high alert and “busy” all the time your body is under stress. Stress long term is hard on your body as it puts you in a flight/fright/freeze mode which is designed for short term use only. Long term stress depletes your immune system. Also when we are under stress we tend not to eat properly or not all all. Pay attention to nutrition this week and make a point of having one healthy meal a day. Plan your meals ahead if needed and that way, if you find yourself experiencing strong emotions, you won’t have to try to slow your brain down and figure out what to eat. For anyone having been in this situation you know how hard it is to decide what to eat when you have no appetite and can’t think clearly. Today you may want to practice your ability to ground yourself so that when things speed up you can be prepared. Nature is always a great way to ground so if all else fails get outside and talk a short walk. Lean up against a tree 🌲. Trees are very grounding. Forewarned is forearmed so to speak. Namaste 🙏.



Well done warriors of the light! ✨. The Frog 🐸 jumps back in today to tell us that the work you have done cleaning up the old “stuff” is making changes internally and externally. You may not be able to feel it however it is happening. Trust and have faith. For those of you that are sensitive you may be feeling some sense of relief or a lightness in your physical body. There is no judgement so do not judge yourself if you don’t feel anything. It takes time and training. Just know that changes are happening because you had the courage to take the leap 🐸. BUT…there is still some work to be done. Stay strong and continue to be committed to clearing out the old stuff that no longer serves you so you have room for more beautiful stuff to come in. This may take you a while so please have patience. Your lily pad is is looking great! Less cluttered indeed. You are finding things that have been hidden or lost for years and you are able to reconcile with them. Some you keep and some are sent on. All this is happening on energetic levels that you cannot fully see or comprehend. Trust what is happening,within you and around you, is beautiful and will serve you well in the future. Through your efforts you are gaining knowledge about who you truly are and becoming your authentic self. You have a deeper understanding of various aspects of life and your wisdom is growing. You have the ability to see things from different worlds, like The Frog 🐸, who sees a different perspective from in the water versus on the land. You too are amphibious and are able to see your world from different perspectives. Continue on with your mission to tidy your life and be able to connect with Spirit to experience the beauty within you and around you. You are beautiful !🤩 😍


October 14,2021

Love ❤️ is the answer. We are here to learn to Love 🧡. This means learning to Love 💛 ourselves and Love 💚 others. This is unconditional Love 💙, Love 💜 without strings attached. Love 🤍 that accepts others despite differences. We all have areas that have cracks, are worn or are less than perfect. Through the power of Love ❤️ we can accept and heal these areas of our lives. Along with Love 🧡 comes forgiveness. Forgiveness is also powerful. There may be times that you feel like the journey is an uphill climb. That’s okay. Take time to stop and rest as needed however be determined to continue your journey. Keep in mind that Spirit/God/The Creator/The Universe (or any other name that resonates with you) Loves 🧡 you and wants what is best for you. Throughout your journey there may be situations that you encounter. Challenges are designed to help you see the truth so that you can rise up and understand Love 💛 on a deeper level. Love 💚 raises your vibration. Love 💙 has the power to heal. Take time today to send Love 💜 out to others, to the world and to yourself. 🎶 “What the world needs now is Love🤍,sweet Love ❤️. It’s the only thing that there is just too little of. What the world needs now is Love 🧡, sweet Love 💛. No not just for some but for everyone. “🎶 (Burt Bacharach).

Connect with Spirit through your heart 💚 and be Love 💙 and be Loving 💜.


October 13,2021

The Eagle 🦅 sees from high above. The Eagle 🦅 sees the big picture and knows what is happening in every direction. The Eagle 🦅 has the keenest eyesight of all the raptors and can see the smallest detail from afar. The Eagle 🦅 watches and then decides to take action when the time is right. The Eagle 🦅 is our connection with Source and is our messenger to Spirit. Trust that Spirit sees all that is happening. Trust and have faith that everything will happen at that the right time. Timing is the key 🔑. Ask The Eagle 🦅 to take your concerns and fears to the higher realms and allow your angels 👼 to guide you. Stay calm and watch and wait. Trust that you will know when it is time to take flight. Act with integrity at all times. Hold on to your values and act from the heart, your higher self, with truth and honesty. Be genuine. Be your authentic self. Spirit sees your struggles. Know when the time is right that, like The Eagle 🦅, Spirit and yourself, will take flight.

Love 💜, light ✨ and blessings 🙏


October 12,2021

The Lady of the Lake appears today. Talk about a big splash 💦. The Lady carries Excalibur, the sword 🗡 of truth. The Lady is powerful and rises up when you need to step up and take the challenge. Whatever situation you are facing she brings you the courage to act and take responsibility for your life and your decisions. The decisions you make now will have a ripple effect not only for yourself but others as well. This is not the time to mess around. Take charge of your life and respect yourself enough to stand in your power. No one can do it for you. It is up to you to have the courage to stand for what is right for you. The Lady reveals the truth 🗡and,at times, the truth 🗡 can be a hard pill to swallow. The bonus is that The Lady also brings you the courage to stand up and take the responsibility. The power of the Universe is with you. The Lady rises up and asks that you accept the challenge. Know that you have the power and courage. Believe in yourself. See the truth even though it may be painful. It may well be more painful in the long run to turn a blind eye. The Owl 🦉 will help you see what you could not see before. Use your internal wisdom to guide you forth. It is time to move and stand up for yourself. It is time to see the truth. Rise up and shine your light✨. You are a light worker, a way shower. Show the way for others. Your courage will help others.

“I am the light. I am the love. I am the truth. I am. “


October 11,2021

Have you ever watched the ripples 🌀 in a calm pond after you throw in a pebble? 🪨It is interesting to watch the ripples🌀 and see how far they go. It is amazing that one small pebble 🪨can affect the whole pond, or at least a significant portion of it. What happens underneath where you cannot see? There is Movement below the surface as well. There is Movement in the unseen realms. Spirit wants you to know that you are a pebble 🪨 and you too can create Movement if you so choose. If you want to change your life you need to be the pebble 🪨that creates Movement. You may not know which way the ripples🌀 go or how far however it is important to trust Spirit and allow the Movement to happen as it is meant to be. Some circumstances require greater Movement. Listen to Spirit to know if you need to make a small ripple🌀 or a big splash 💦. Stay in a place of calm and tap into your inner wisdom and intuition to know when Movement is needed. Trust the process. Ripples 🌀of change are happening.


October 10,2021

🍂🦃 Continue to give thanks throughout this weekend. In fact, let’s make gratitude a daily practice. There is something to be grateful for each and every day. 🍂🦃

This week the anchor card is The Owl 🦉. The Owl 🦉 allows us to see through the darkness. The Owl 🦉 is wise and wisdom is a deep inner knowing that comes with age and more so from your connection with Spirit and the Universe. Wisdom is a gift. The Owl 🦉 sees through the darkness to show us what is really there instead of listening to our minds make things up. That which we cannot see can be unsettling and create fear, which brings in a new set of problems. Take time to see clearly into the shadows as what is hidden may be deceptive. Opening and allowing your eyes and heart to see what is really there and how the shadows are changing your perception is much needed through times of change. Take the information and knowledge you gain through your insights abd allow the wisdom within to guide you on. Take in all that you see and hear and trust that you will know when it’s time to take flight and which path you need to follow.

“May the long time sun shine upon you. All love surround you, and the pure light within guide your way on. “ Irish Blessing ☘️ 🙏✨


October 9,2021

🍂🦃Happy Canadian Thanksgiving 🍂🦃

May this weekend bring gratitude 🙏 for all that is. Be grateful for even the little things as they often bring the greatest joy.

On a more serious 🧐 note… Today The Frog 🐸 hops into our view. This weekend is the perfect time to sort through some closets, rooms, drawers, and deal with anything that you don’t need or want anymore. Someone else may need it more and therefore it will bring joy to them and leave space in your closet for bigger and better things. If you find yourself cleaning emotional baggage as well that is to be expected and is a good thing. Have your moments of sadness, anger, joy etc. as you release old energies along with the old items. Like those items, old energies and emotions just sit there and take up room. Let the old item go and replace it with something more appealing. Yes there will be a time of grieving however you might be surprised how short this is and less intense that you expected. In fact, you may even feel physically lighter which will give you energy to hop over to a new experience. You can leap further if you are not carrying a heavy load. Allow yourself this weekend to clean out items, emotionally, physically, spiritually and mentally, that you no longer need and that may be holding you back from something else. Something that may bring you more joy than you can imagine. Take time this weekend to take the leap and look through some areas of your life (your stuff) that are no longer for your highest good and love yourself enough to release them. Give thanks and let go.


October 8,2021

With the energies of the new moon 🌚 you have found your power. You have come this far. Stand tall and hold your power. You have found confidence in yourself and you are ready to step up. Stay connected to Spirit. You might have to call out at times. There will be times when you seek help. This is a new place for you and with leadership comes responsibility. That can leave you feeling like you are standing alone. That’s okay. A good leader will stand their ground in times of trouble. It may take time for others to understand and that’s okay too. A good leader allows others to take time and do what feels right for them. A good leader knows if you demand too much from the herd then you no longer have respect and the herd can turn on you and challenge you. The energy of Libra ♎️ wants you to find balance. Libra is about being fair and diplomatic. Be proud of your position and allow God to guide you on what is best for yourself and the highest good of all.


October 7,2021

Oops 🙊. I forgot to mention yesterday that it was the new moon 🌚 in Libra ♎️🙊. One aspect of this new moon is radical change. Because Mars 🔴, which I have heard referred to as, the angry planet, or the red planet, is prevalent. This could be an explosive 🧨 time. Change is difficult in optimum circumstances however surrounded with the intense and passionate energy of Mars 🔴 we may see emotions running amuck. Also Mercury continues to be retrograde so communications are highlighted. Mercury in combination with Mars 🔴 may bring out deep emotions with passion. What needs to be said will be said however been cognizant of being fair and kind when expressing your passions. That does not mean you don’t express yourself. It is important now more than ever to express yourself and you may be driven with passion to do so. God works in magical 🔮 and mysterious ways. During this energy of the new moon 🌚 you may find yourself at a boiling point. Meditation, breathing and time in nature is vital to keep your feet firmly planted on the ground and stay in the moment where your mind is neutral and you can think clearly. The beauty 🦋 of all this is, the card today, reminds us that change can be a thing of beauty. 🦋 Yes there is an incredible struggle to break free of the chrysalis, the ties that bind you, (thoughts, beliefs , behaviour patterns, traumas etc) however the beauty 🦋 that unfolds is worth the struggle. Be calm, be kind, find the courage to break free and experience the beauty and freedom that unfolds. The beauty and freedom that you have created through your own power, strength and courage and, of course, through the love 💜 and grace of God 🙏✨. You are the love. You are the light. You are the truth. You are all these because you have the love 💜 and light ✨ of the Divine within you. Emerge from your chrysalis and see the beauty within you and around you. You are loved 🥰. Love 💜, light✨ and blessings 🦋 now and always. Namaste 🙏✨🦄


October 6,2021

It’s hard to keep your Focus at times but Focus you must. Focus on what is right in front of you. Focus on today. Today is the day that counts. Today is the day that will keep you grounded and in the moment. The moment where clarity resides. Focusing on tomorrow creates Fear and anxiety. Focusing on yesterday brings depression and grief. Today is what counts so Focus on today. Find joy in the day. Go into nature and breathe the vibrant fresh and healing air. Find the joy within nature itself which is in perfect balance and harmony. You are safe. What happens around the corner is yet to be determined so no point in Focusing your energy there as it is subject to change🤗. Therefore you used energy worrying about something that may not happen instead of Focusing on, and, enjoying something that is happening right now. It takes time to learn how to do this. That is where meditation 🧘‍♀️ is helpful because you learn to notice when your mind wanders and how to gently bring it back to neutral. Breathing is powerful, and a free 😁, way to calm and reset. Use your breath when you are feeling anxious, afraid, angry, sad etc.. Go within to find the answers and your inner peace 🕊. You are the magic 🔮. Believe in yourself.


October 5,2021

Fear is a powerful emotion. Fear can paralyze you, cause you to run away or invoke a fight response. Fear is basic to survival especially if you are in immediate danger however it was designed to be short term as long term it can affect your health. It can be scary to move ahead into unknown territory and at times you need to have more heightened awareness however if it persists it also decreases your ability to think rationally and to see other possibilities and solutions. When you feel yourself entering into Fear take time to breathe and calm your mind. Ask your angels 👼 and guides to help you with the next right step and then follow your intuition or your gut feeling. Remember this week there is magic 🔮 in the air and intuition is heightened so pay attention. You will be guided on where to go next. You will get through this if you stay calm and in the present moment. It may mean baby steps but that’s okay. The important thing is your intent to keep moving forward and get through whatever you are facing. It is okay to take a break to get centered and grounded again. Take one day at a time. Tomorrow is tomorrow and you will get there soon enough. You are never alone. Help is always there if you ask. Take back your power and allow the light, not Fear, to guide you.


October 4,2021

In life you are faced with choices. We like to associate these choices with right and wrong however it is not so much right versus wrong as different lessons and experiences. Each new road comes with Risk and that is to be expected. Because you are in unknown territory you don’t have a map 🗺 to guide you so you need to take a chance at times. Is the Risk worth taking? You won’t know unless you try. Sometimes you truly do not know. Fortunately we have The Raven as our anchor card this week. With the energies of the new moon 🌚 your intuition will be heightened. Listen to your inner wisdom and watch for signs and synchronicities along the way. Others may follow a different path and that’s okay. It is about choosing what is best for you and allowing others to do the same. At times you will find yourself out of your comfort zone. Take time to pause if needed however be determined to forge ahead. There is light ☀️ ahead. If you don’t know, you don’t know and that’s okay. Uncertainty is a good thing at times as it opens you to investigating and therefore increasing your knowledge, wisdom and skills. See uncertainty as a way to learn, grow and evolve. Ask your angels 👼 for guidance and watch for those subtle signs, or perhaps not so subtle, that will lead you in the right direction. Tell your angels what you need help with and allow them to bring the help to you. It may be in various and unusual forms however when you ask for help it is always given. Being alert for whatever form help comes in is the key 🔑. Trust and have faith. Enjoy the journey. Find joy 🥰 and magic 🔮in each day.


October 3,2021