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March 1,2023


March 1,2023

As the winds 💨 🧚‍♂️ of change are upon us Spirit ✨wants you to know that there is hope. The light ☀️ that shines upon us by Spirit ✨ is given to us through love. Life as you know it will change, your thoughts may change, everything is up for change( as has been said numerous times lately 😳) so it will be important to watch what is happening and know there is nothing to fear. As you have bowed to Spirit ✨ and honoured His presence in your life now you will begin to see the power of what you have sown. The magic 🔮 of alchemy that only Spirit ✨ can do. The vision that came to me in prayers this morning was of a live performance about to begin. The announcement that the performance will begin in five minutes has been made. At that point everyone drops what they are doing and heads back into the theatre because once the performance starts, no one is allowed to enter. It is time to decide if you want to see the show or not. It is time to leave behind what you don’t need and make a decision as to what you want. Which side of the door will you be on? Listen to your heart and don’t let your mind over analyze. Hear the answers in the gentle breeze and stand your ground gently and firmly. There may be strong gusts of wind 💨 at times however have no fear as the light shines upon you and will keep you safe.Enjoy the show🙏✨🎥 🍿. It will be magical🔮✨


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