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March 10,2022


March 10,2022

Two cards “fell” out today. As we continue on our journey please keep in mind that you are writing/creating your own story. What lies ahead is still The Mystery so know that where there is Mystery there is magic because Spirit is The Mystery. With Spirit then all is possible. Continue to tell your story and create your ideal story. It may not be exactly as you had in mind however trust that Spirit will lead you to where you need to go and it may be even better than you expected. As The Bard ventures on his journey there may be places that he is not as welcome. Know that will happen and that if that happens it is best to move along. You cannot force others to listen. That is their own choice. Honour that and honour the boundaries of others. To those that want to listen tell your story to bring hope and add some humour to bring joy 🤩. Know that your path is unique and that if God puts others on your path then there is a reason. Sometimes you walk together and other times you part ways. As The Bard sees the story from the outside looking in so should you. Each day is a new chapter with so much to learn and so much to be grateful for. Find joy 🤩 in each day. Bring joy 🤩 to others. Be at peace with those that don’t want to listen and send peace to those that do. Live each day and let The Mystery deal with the tomorrows. Let the light be your guide. Be kind and loving on your journey. Listen to the story of others without judgement. Your light is all that is needed. Keep shining. Have faith. Your story is just beginning. Believe in yourself ✨. Believe in the magic 🔮🦄


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