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March 10,2023


March 10,2023

Well the energies keep getting stronger and many are feeling ‘pressure’ which is creating some discomfort on various levels. Just a reminder that this energy is affecting all levels and each person is unique so you may be feeling it in various, and perhaps, unusual ways. Tiredness, headaches and vivid dreams seem to be some ways. As we enter into the end of the week we are reminded to step out of Fear and into Love as well as the overarching themes of letting go, cleansing and healing in order to create something new and transform your life into something beautiful. The cards today are a reminder that in order to do that we need to Communicate with Spirit . Stay connected with Spirit and listen to your intuition. How you communicate with yourself and others is important as well. Monitor your thoughts and be positive both externally and internally. Now all that is happening around us may seem to be Restrictive. Your thoughts may be Restrictive. Fear can be Restrictive. Ask yourself where are the Restrictions coming from? They may be self imposed 🤗. If your foundations are strong then you will be able to withstand the storm so to speak. If your foundations are strong your feet will be firmly planted on the ground. Know yourself enough to be true to yourself and stand in your truth. Communicate the truth without Restriction. You will need to discern information as you receive it. Also there is a possibility that Communication may be Restricted and therefore some information may be kept hidden in the dark. There seems to be many levels here as well. Discern what that means for you. Shine your light to dispel the darkness. The darkness only stays there if you allow it. Remember the mantra, “I am the light. I am the love. I am the truth. I am. “. God/Spirit/The Creator is the great “I am” and you are created by Him. You are the light✨, the love 💜and the truth🗡. Believe in yourself.


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