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March 11,2022


March 11,2022

As you walk pay on your path attention to signs and symbols along the way. Whether you are conscious of it or not you are being guided. It is always your choice to follow the guidance or not. That does not make it good or bad. As humans we like to label and polarize things into categories which causes us to doubt ourselves and others. See it simply as the freedom to choose. You are here for a purpose and you have freedom to choose what you experience along the way. Each path, or detour, will present different teachings. Look at these events from the higher perspective. The Hawk sees a lot more from its position in the sky. Perhaps if you are unsure why things are happening it would be best to connect with The Hawk and see things from higher up. All roads lead to Rome so to speak. No matter which road you choose you will get to where you need to go. Your higher self helps you choose so that you can learn what you came here to learn. Stay in the present moment and be open to see what wisdom and lessons are coming to you. Trust in the process. Believe in yourself. Believe in the magic 🔮🦄. You are of the light. In the unknown you need your light to guide you and also others. Be the light and pay attention to the signs that Spirit sends you. Take time to look at situations from close up and from a distance. Often we spend too much time focusing hard in front of us instead of looking around for other possibilities. That leads us to being stuck in the same place. If you take time to see things from a higher perspective you may see that the way around, or through, is a short distance in another direction. Only you can decide if you will continue to stay in the same place or find an alternative. Spirit will help you if you allow. You are watched over by angels and are never alone. Ask for help when needed. Guidance is given freely and with love. Listen to your intuition and inner wisdom. ✨🙏


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