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March 12,2023


March 12,2022

Perception comes forth today. The Hawk spoke about this yesterday as well. In fact it has been a thread for a while. Often you will hear or see something that initially causes a reaction. Often this reaction is a strong emotion like anger or fear. We have seen a lot of that lately. With these strong emotions however we tend to lock our thoughts and stay focused on just that one thing. We lose our creative thinking. That serves only to keep us in that same place. A place where we feel hopeless and helpless. Now more than ever we need to breathe, be calm and stay grounded and find the courage to turn around and see our situation from all sides. Where you are standing in the shadows it may not be easy to see things however by shining your light upon them you will get a clearer picture. How often have you seen something in the shadows that appeared frightening however it turned out to be something simple and nothing to be afraid of? Shadows create an illusion. The darkness does not last forever. Day always follows night. Allow the light to illuminate and shine so you can see clearly. Do not let fear take over you as you walk through the shadows to the light. Keep your eyes, and thoughts, on the light and know the darkness will not last forever. Walk bravely and courageously forward shining your light and if something scares you dare to turn to it and shine your light✨. Also keep in mind that you never walk alone. Your angels and guides are always with you and are ready to help if you ask. Sometimes it is important to see into the shadows as it helps us to understand who we are and what is important to us. Use the shadows to your advantage, to help see things from a different perspective. Your Perception may be different from others. Keep in mind that being different is okay. We each have our own journey and our experiences and Perceptions are what guide us. See all sides. Be willing to change if needed. By opening yourself to other perspectives you will feel different and have a better understanding of the truth and who you are. This is a healing journey. Allow the healing that Spirit has to offer so that you can move forward and be who you are. Go forward with love in your heart ♥️.

Namaste 🙏


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