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March 13,2022


March 13,2022

Well just for a little fun this week The Goblin has popped in to be our anchor card. Yahoo🤪. There will be great need to be discerning of information, and thoughts, that come to you this week. You know that The Goblin likes to fill your head with negative thoughts. You will need to be strong this week and make sure that your intentions are pure and that you don’t believe everything that you hear whether from yourself or others. This can be draining as you try to sift through what is truth. Sometimes you may need to throw something shiny to distract The Goblin. He doesn’t seem to know that everything shiny is not gold however you do. We are also entering into the energies of the Full Moon 🌕 in Virgo ♍️ on March 18. Virgo is an earth sign so staying grounded is important and you will need to be grounded in order to think clearly as The Goblin will be somersaulting and doing all sorts of tricks around you to try to distract you. It is time to get down to earth and plant your feet into the ground. It is time to be the real you and find love 💗 in your imperfections. It is time to clean house, all houses actually, and let go, get rid of or repurpose things, thoughts, ideas and people that are no longer good or healthy for you. This includes diet. Listen to your gut instincts in regards to these things. Over the past few months you have tried many things and may have seemed to change direction often. Don’t be discouraged. Now more than ever stay connected with Spirit and your higher self to guide you. There are many angels watching over you as well so ask them for help. Clearing out the old will allow for further healing. Pay attention to your dreams and intuition to help you see, and know, what you need to do. The Goblin will do everything to distract you from your mission. Be aware of this. Be strong and know that you will know what is truth and what you need to do. “I am the light. I am the love. I am the truth. I am. “


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