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March 13,2023


March 13,2023

Adding to the cards for the early part of the week are, The Horse, and The High Priestess. The Horse ๐ŸŽ is definitely a sign of freedom. They are also highly intuitive. Use your intuition to discern what is Truth and what aligns with who you truly are. The Horse ๐Ÿด is true to itself and the herd accepts each one as individuals. In a herd there is definitely leadership. Use your intuition to decide if the leadership is right for you. Perhaps you need to challenge the leadership. A good leader who accepts others and allows each member to be free to be themselves as long as it doesnโ€™t hurt others on any level is cherished. When a leader starts bullying a member or ruling through fear then it creates a divide in the herd and uncertainty. You have a right to defend your freedom. Have a vision. Know yourself and know what is best for you. If you know that then you will be better able to know when, where and how you can compromise and when you need to run away or perhaps fight for your freedom. No one is perfect so make allowances for Forgiveness. Are you giving away your loyalty and freedom to those that have your best interests at heart? When choosing to delegate authority make sure that you choose wisely. Our gifts are for giving however be wise on how much you give away and be wise that you are only giving what is yours to give. If it doesnโ€™t feel right it probably isnโ€™t. Stay grounded and stay connected with Spirit โœจ as you gallop ๐Ÿ‡ into this week. Trust your intuition.


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