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March 15,2022


March 15,2022

Seems there is a theme of Disruption and the unknown this week. There are a lot of powerful energies and alignments in the universe 🪐💫☄️☀️🌕happening, or about to happen. There is a full moon 🌕 in Virgo ♍️ and also the Equinox this week. There is bound to be some challenges as the energies shift. Virgo ♍️ is an earth 🌳 sign and very practical and grounded. Keep your solutions simple. Look at the details ( Virgo ♍️ loves details 😁) and see what just doesn’t make sense or add up. This is where you may need to make some practical changes. If it doesn’t add up or seem right for you. then take time to do your own research ( Virgo ♍️ loves research too 😁) and find what other options you have. Take time to take responsibility for your own life. This applies to all areas of your life. Disruptions will cause you to feel unsettled for a while so be aware of that so that you can remain calm and grounded as you navigate the rougher waters. Keep in mind the the turbulent sections won’t last forever. Take time to rest as needed. During these times trust and faith in Spirit will be needed and perhaps that will be a challenge as well. Everything is on the table so to speak. It continues to be so important to stay calm, find joy 🤩 in each day and be grateful for what you have. Give thanks to God for all His help and guidance. Hang on to your raft and know it will get you to calmer waters. God will help steer you through. Your thoughts, visions and dreams, daydreams too, are important so imagine yourself getting through these times like riding a water ride in an amusement park. There is fear, maybe some anxiety, however you get to the end safely and with a smile 😊 on your face. One day, one step at a time is all that is needed. Allow each day to unfold as it is meant to. Go with the flow. Be a light for others and help them to be calm as well. There is no darkness where there is light. If you are finding it a challenge to keep your thoughts positive then say the mantra below. It is positive and will help you and the universe. 🪐💫☄️

“I am the light. I am the love. I am the truth. I am. “


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