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March 15,2023


March 15,2023

The middle of the week brings Mystery. Mystery is that which is unknown or impossible to explain. The Universe is full of Mysteries and as we venture into new learning and knowledge we may be faced with many unknowns. Keep in mind that Spirit moves in Mysterious ways so pay attention to what comes up for you. This includes emotions. Emotions are a way of helping us to unlock areas within us that we need to see and understand so we understand ourself better and understand how we may affect others and how others may affect us. Our emotions are ways of connecting with our inner self, our soul, which is our connection with Spirit . Emotions are not there to make you miserable and uncomfortable although they do that at times🤗. Emotions are there to bring awareness to yourself, to your boundaries and to connect with your soul ✨and who you truly are. Sometimes emotions/feelings are guidance from your angels. That gut feeling that something doesn’t feel right. Take time to tune in to your body and see where you feel various emotions. The Mystery of discovering yourself and finding who you truly are is an incredible journey. The Mystery of who you are and how you are connected, and connect, with the universe is fascinating. Will you answer the call to unlock The Mystery? Will you follow the guidance that will take you where you need to go? The path is clear. With Spirit ✨ anything is possible. “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” Sir Isaac Newton. Nothing is by chance when dealing with Universal laws. We reap what we sow. What will you plant? Are you ready to embrace The Mystery and the unexplained?


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