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March 16,2023


March 16,2023

You may be experiencing various emotions as things from the past (recent,distant or karmic😉) rise to the surface to be cleansed and cleared. Let the water wash away anything that comes up. Cleansing is to get rid of the mud and debris you no longer need so that you can see who you truly are and learn to love and accept yourself. You may be having dreams and these may bring up things from the past or past lives that need to be cleansed and cleared. All this may create turbulence in your life and emotions. Know they come up for a reason so that you can let them drift away on the currents of time. Acknowledge your digressions as we have all done things that we are are not proud of or wish we had done better. Ask Forgiveness from Spirit✨ and allow Spirit ✨ to help you. Spirit ✨ and your angels 😇 are always with you and will help you through troubled times. They want the best for you. They love you and will Protect you on this journey. The way forward is to turn back to Spirit ✨and seek guidance from within. The guidance that is known as intuition, your internal wisdom and connection with Spirit ✨. Trust your intuition knowing that Spirit ✨ brings to you only what you can handle. Situations that happen are no coincidence and help you see what you need to see at any given moment. If you try to look too far ahead things get fuzzy. Love where you are right now. Look forward. The way through is with Spirit ✨. You are on the right path. Stay positive.You will get to where you want to go.Believe in yourself 🦄.


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