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March 17,2022


March 17,2022

☘️Happy St. Patrick’s Day☘️ 🇮🇪

May the luck of the Irish be with you always. Today the card is even green ☘️😁.

Change may bring Restriction however is it real or an illusion? St. Patrick brought Christianity ✝️ to Ireland so perhaps today it would be a good idea to find your Spirit within and let go of any restrictive ideas and thoughts you may have towards others or yourself. Make this a day to celebrate the unity we find when we accept and honour the Spirit in all of us. Sometimes Restrictions are placed in order that we slow down and pay attention. When things change or when your way is blocked it requires you to rethink and look carefully around you. In fact it requires all your senses, including your intuitive ones, to discern what is real, what are your options and what would be your next best action. Fortunately today you have the leprechauns(part of the elemental realm 😁) to assist you in finding your pot of gold 💜at the end of the rainbow 🌈. Restrictions can be put there by Spirit to help you think, see and perhaps take a different route. We often think of Restriction as negative however it can be a positive event as well. It all depends on your perception which has also come up the past couple of weeks. Your thoughts and experiences may be what is restricting you. Take time to explore these and ask Spirit and your angels to help you. The word, Restriction, has a tendency to bring up a sense of fear or dread. Remember you are light as you are of Spirit. Your light will dispel the darkness. Perhaps there is something you need to further explore so that healing can take place. A Restriction may serve to slow you down or stop you do that you have the opportunity to do what you need to do. If you are feeling any Restriction take time to contemplate what is happening and what you need to see. Connect with your guides, ascended masters, angels 👼 and Spirit to help you heal and create the life that you dream of and desire. What is Restricting you? ☘️✨🙏🌈


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