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March 18,2023


March 18,2023

Heading in to next week there is the spring equinox and many other powerful astrological 🪐💫☄️⭐️🌈🌚🌎events. This may create some dilemmas. You may not know which path to choose. Please remember that all paths lead to the light, the difference is the experiences along the way. Spirit ✨ gives you freedom to choose as freedom is your Divine right as a soul. There may be some hesitancy to move forward however staying where you are is not going to change anything. This is the time to go within and use your internal wisdom and knowledge that Spirit has given you. Don’t be deceived. Ask Spirit✨ if in doubt. Allow Spirit✨ to guide you as you prepare to take action to continue moving forward even if it is uncomfortable. The Owl 🦉 will help to guide you in the darkness. Remember to shine your light, the light of Spirit ✨ that is within us all. Listen to your heart and intuition. See, hear and feel what your angels 😇 and Spirit ✨ are trying to tell you and don’t be fooled by the shadows. Shadows can be smoke screens designed to draw your attention from the love, light and truth. Trust that Spirit ✨will take care of you as you move forth. Have faith that good things are about to happen despite what you may be seeing. Feel your way and use ALL your senses to guide you as the energies prepare us to take flight🦉 and “to boldly go where no man has gone before” ( Trekkies will know what I mean 😁😉). Walk in faith, peace, love and balance knowing that you walk with Spirit ✨and walk in love, light and truth. Thank you for being here and shining your light and holding the light so others can see. “To infinity and beyond!”

Namaste 🙏.

💜🙏✨🍎🗡️🔮🌀🦄 ♾️

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