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March 19,2022


March 19,2022

An encore performance by the Restriction card. Now with so much happening (Disruption) there may be some Restrictions however they are temporary. You will figure out a way around, or through. Your inner Goblin may try to distract you from your path or preoccupy your with a flight of ideas. Acknowledge this and calmly and quietly return to your path. This may happen a lot. Distractions to take you away from where you are heading. You most likely will be faced with the unknown at times. Remember the light is within you and you have a lot of angelic help if needed. There may be times when it is dark and you may not feel that you can see clearly or can’t find you way however stay positive. Don’t give in to fear and despair. “It is darkest before the dawn” is an old saying and it comes to me at this time. Being forewarned is forearmed. Changes may lead you on detours. Listen to your intuition and follow your guidance. If in doubt then pray 🙏, meditate 🧘‍♀️ , take a walk in nature 🌲 etc. Do whatever connects you with Spirit and calms your soul. Do what brings you a sense of peace 🕊. Stay in a space of calm and peace 🕊. That is important right now. Restrictions may also be occurring to keep you safe. Listen with your heart ♥️ . What do you feel? Be open. Be discerning. There is a reason for everything. 🙏✨


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